“The Hangover Part III” – Review by Laurie Coker

The Hangover Part III Review

by Laurie Coker

I feel no need to add a synopsis to this review, because I will be brief overall. I expected, going in, that I would loath The Hangover Part III, as I felt total disdain and disgust for the second in the trilogy. Honestly, those descriptors are far too harsh for a film that truly didn’t warrant my time in the first place. The foursome from the original return, only to lose Doug (Justin Bartha) again, be taken hostage by Marshall (John Goodman) — a man bent on bringing Chow (Ken Jeong) to his knees for stealing millions in stolen gold.

In addition to the unusual antics of Alan (Galifianakis), which I find so annoying and idiotic that I plug my ears, Part III gives us Cassie (Melissa McCarthy) as a pawnshop owner and new love interest to Alan — and thankfully, McCarthy gives a toned-down version of her usual filth-mouth characters. And perhaps therein lies one of Phillips pivotal mistakes. While I hate this genre of film, fans go to be grossed out, freaked out, and generally shocked by the characters behavior and Hangover Part III is far too tame. Even Joeng’s Chow is terrifically toned down. He still goes far over the top, but not nearly as freakish as in the second film.

I stayed in my seat for one reason and only one reason: to gaze upon the beauty that is Bradley Cooper – oh those eyes, so I don’t really want to waste too much of my time on Part III, more than the two hours wasted sitting in the screening. It will disappoint fans of the previous two. Of note, I actually liked the first. This one is as intolerable as the second, not because it surpasses the first in all out grossness, but because it is plain BORING more than anything else. My guest laughed no more than three times and the guy next to me put his hands in his hands on multiple occasions – they are the target audience. I am placing an F in my grade book.

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