Thinking Outside the Box Office #3: OHFF, “A”, and “The Campground Sequels”


Welcome “Thinking Outside the Box Office” where ou will find independent film news, trailers, and information on kickstarter campaigns. If you have an independent film trailer, press release, or Kickstarter you would like featured here just email me at with the subject “Thinking Outside the Box Office”.



A New Horror Film is Announced

Dread Central recently posted a press release for a new indie horror movie called “A”. Yes just the letter “A”. The movie will be directed by “GUT” director Elias who also wrote the script. The October People’s  Matt Medisch, John Portanova, and Jeremy Berg will co-produce with Elias. The October People are the ones behind the film “The Device” which we featured in Thinking Outside the Box Office #1.  “A” will star Tristan Risk (American Mary) and Nicholas Wilder (Gut, Like the Spider) in a story about  “Elton, a man plagued by visions of his dead four-year-old sister which pull him deeper into a world where his obsession brings her back to life as an adult woman with dire consequences.”  More casting will be announced later. The film is set to begin filming in Spring of 2015. For more updates follow A’s Facebook Page here.


Oshkosh Horror Film Festival

WI Sign

The Oshkosh Horror Film Festival has announced the movies that will be showing this year. The festival is held at the Times Theater in downtown Oshkosh, WI. Now in its fifth year, the OHFF has grown from a one day event featuring only Wisconsin-made horror to a two day event featuring short and feature horror films from many locations. Award-winning director John Pata hosts the event as not only a celebration of independently made horror movies but also as a fundraiser to help restore the Times. You can find more information about the festival at You can also see the line up of films showing at this years festival right here.


Give It a Kickstart

Two More Visits to “The Campground” Planned


Studio 605 is wasting no time to bring to life 2 sequels to their 2013 independent horror film “The Campground”. In the original, a group of campers are terrorized in the woods by a slasher named Charlie Varsin who wore a wicked mask and was a brutal killer. The sequels look to tell the full story of this maniac.  There are two characters from the original that will be returning and they have the band ‘The Vains’ scheduled to make a musical guest appearance.  There are perks that range from a social media shout out, to a poster or even a personal communication with the Director Roman ‘RoJo’ Jossart . A donation of $150 earns you the right to come to the set, act in 3 scenes and be killed on camera.  You can find out more about their campaign by clicking here.



Trailer Park


Check out the first trailer from the upcoming horror film “The Dark Shack”. A woman is kidnapped and taken to a cabin deep in the woods where she and her captors are terrorized by a demonic entity.


From the minds that brought you “Night of the Sea Monkey: A Disturbing Tale” comes another twisted tale called “Lamb Feed.” A story about a salesman whose car breaks down in a small town. hen he asks for help from the local townsfolk, he gets pulled into something dark and sinister.

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