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Is this the end of the world parody that the world has been waiting for?

This is the End is a parody/spoof movie about the end of the world.  The setup is simple; There are a bunch of celebrities having a party at James Franco’s house when the world begins to end. The rest of the film is all about the small group of celebrity survivors frantically trying to remain alive during the apocalypse.

For most of those who know me or follow my reviews know that I haven’t been a big fan of the previous comedy films that featured Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, James Franco, and several others all of which whom appear throughout This is the End. After seeing the first initial trailer for the film, I found myself saying that this movie could be somewhat humorous despite featuring a cast that I am not normally not that crazy about. When I got an early invitation to see the film, I jumped at the chance to see it because I heard nothing but positive buzz about this film so truth be told I was somewhat looking forward to seeing it.

During this film and while listening to the audience reactions while exiting the theater, I quickly began to ask myself the questions “Why is this funny?” and “Why don’t I get modern comedy?” Honestly, when I was sitting through this movie about 90% of the audience was laughing regularly at the jokes that consisted of things from Seth Rogen being tittyfucked as a kid to Danny McBride screaming at James Franco about his right to cum anywhere he wanted too. Its not that I was offended by the humor, but rather just found it almost impossible to laugh at something that would be joked about at a lunch table in middle school or high school. I think the vast majority of the jokes in this film were so incredibly infantile that I couldn’t remotely laugh at them, but I know I am in the minority on this.

Now don’t get me wrong, unlike some of the previous outings of Rogen, Hill, and the rest of the cast, I found myself amused by certain elements of the film such as the creative ways that these guys played homage to disaster, horror, and end of the world movies. I found the scene involving Jonah Hill mocking the Exorcist amusing as well as the scene where the guys decide to make a home video sequel to Pineapple Express. I should also admit that some I found some of the more random moments in the film entertaining such as the extremely random ending featuring a cameo appearance by someone totally unexpected as well as the Emma Watson scene.

Besides the childishness of the jokes in the film, I also felt that so many of them were used way too much. The jokes mentioned earlier were used so much throughout the film and so much of the humor was based on penis and sex jokes. There were several moments in this film that just made me roll my eyes including a scene with Michael Cera featuring two girls in a bathroom and another one featuring the demon and Jonah Hill. The jokes just seems so generic to me that any immature teenage boy could come up with half the crap that was joked about in this film.

But overall, I just felt that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made a film that they wanted to make because they could make it. The movie truly felt like all the actors involved came together at a party, maybe at James Franco’s house, and smoked some weed and threw out ideas for a end of the world film that they would think is funny. Is it a bad film? No, but its definitely not a film that spoke to me, but I can see how if you enjoy the modern day comedy of someone like Apatow then you will highly enjoy something like this. It honestly feels like a combination of all those previous comedies that involved each one of these actors with an end of the world theme added to it.

So while I didn’t find this film to be as hilarious and smart as majority of those who have seen it, I do feel that the film knows its target audience and for those who have really enjoyed the previous outings of Rogen, Franco, McBride, and the rest of the gang, well you will laugh your dick or vagina off with this film. I enjoyed certain elements of the film as I described above but when it came (no pun intended) to making me laugh, I just didn’t find this childish humor to be overly funny and makes me wonder how someone like myself can enjoy comedy so much yet find so many modern comedies to be disappointing and unsatisfying. Oh well, I will go ponder that while the majority of you who read this review will simply ask yourself “what the hell is wrong with this guy?”

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for This is the End is a 5 out of 10. Its a must see for those who enjoy this style of comedy and more than likely a pass for those who don’t.

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