TIFF 2018 Review: A Star Is Born: Lady Gaga Shines in the Spotlight

TIFF 2018 Review: A Star Is Born: Lady Gaga Shines in the Spotlight

Probably the biggest premiere at Toronto International Film Festival is A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Ever since the film was announced, everyone has been abuzz about the two hugely popular figures teaming up in a remake of a beloved film. The film follows Jackson (Cooper), a country star as he discovers and falls in love with Ally (Lady Gaga). As they fall further in love, she is privy to more of the demons that have plagued him his whole life. While her career begins to skyrocket and his plummet, they have difficulty navigating this new dynamic in their relationship.

Lady Gaga comes in hard with her first big-screen debut and knocks it out of the park. Each scene she is in, we are wrapped up in her performance. Whether it is singing or acting, she is just unbelievable in A Star Is Born. Her chemistry with Bradley Cooper is spot-on and breathes life and soul into the film. They work so seamlessly together to create a heartfelt storyline. There are a few stand out scenes in the film when they are just perfect. There is a scene in the bathtub when they argue, and it is so emotionally raw and powerful, Lady Gaga just really blew me away.

Bradley Cooper, as director, makes all the right choices. The film is perfectly paced, beautifully shot, and has an intimacy and grandiosity this is wonderful to see. The performance scenes in the arenas are so well shot to completely encompass what it must be like to be in that kind of spotlight. The noises are a bit too loud, the lights a bit too harsh, but all captured perfectly for this film.

A Star Is Born is a powerful film packed with stunning performances by both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. They balance each other so well and have an ease on screen together. It will leave you heartbroken and speechless and still wanting more. A Star Is Born may not be a critics’ darling, but the general audiences will love it for what it is: a heartbreaking love story.

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