Top 10 Movies of 2013 so far – by Mike Holtz

Top 10 of 2013


Top 10 movies of 2013 so far

by Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie

Why the hell not? Let us make it easier to sort out the rest of the year. For the record I regrettably have yet to see Mud or The Iceman. I feel like one of those has the potential to break into this list once seen. So without further ado here we go……this is my top 10. There are many like it but this one is mine…….

10.)  The Last Stand

the last stand

The Last Stand got a bad wrap. We gave it an 8.5 in our review and thought it was a fun, violent throwback to the 1980’s without being a gimmick like The Expendables (Which I liked also.)


9.) Stoker


Stoker just looked amazing. One of the most simplistic settings ever and they made it look out of this world. Insanely weird and original with the perfect characters to match the creepy atmosphere. Even if it is one of those movies that makes you feel like you need a shower afterwards.  8.5


8.) The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

An amazing-looking movie that is well acted by everyone involved and one hell of an original take on an old story. A lot of people hated this movie but you have to give it credit for being as gutsy and grandiose as it was. It made me wanna party and that is a win any day.  8.5


7.) The Story of Luke

The Story of Luke

I watched this on a whim and could not believe how hilarious and touching it was. This is coming from a guy who doesn’t call things “touching”. Sorry manliness. Most overlooked film of the year.   9.0
6.)  The Place Beyond the Pines

the place beyond the pines

Talk about an amazing movie that also managed to piss you off royally. Pines would have been better without the twist midway through but the first and third acts are intensely deep and expertly acted. 9.0

5.)  Olympus Has Fallen

olympus has fallen

Yeah, I said it. Sorry but I’m not sorry. I am a sucker for a bad ass action flick and Olympus delivered it in a rated R way most movies just can’t these days. Butler was pitch perfect, razor sharp and old school vicious. It may not be a better film as a whole than the movies before it but I still can’t help but love it even more. 8.5/10

4.)  Star Trek Into Darkness

star trek into darkness

Fun, fun, fun. It may have made hardcore fans mad here and there but for the rest of us this film was just an absolute blast. Abrams at his best and working with a memorable villain.  9.0


3.) This is the End

this is the end

Again….it is not a better film overall than half of these before it but its MY TOP 10 DAMMIT. Ahem. Sorry. Maybe I’m a sucker for filthy dude jokes but I was literally crying at several points in this movie from the laughter and pain in my stomach from bending over. That’s rare. 9/10

2.)  The Way Way Back

the way way back

My new favorite coming of age story of all time. Perfect cast and script. Hard to imagine a more likeable movie out there than this one. 10/10

1.)  Man of Steel

Man of Steel

I have yet to hear a good reason for not liking this movie. 9.5/10 and yes, I know that’s a lower score than the film before it but were talking a coming of age story specifically versus a movie this epic. The Way Way back is perfect at what it does. Man of Steel is nearly perfect at so much more. Officially my 2nd favorite superhero movie of all time!

Go ahead! Rip it apart! Tear me a new one! But first……. what is your top 10 of 2013 so far? Comment below!

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