Top 15 Recommended 2015 Horror Movies

Greetings and salutations my fellow horror fiends. It is nearing the end of the year which means it is Lists Season. After giving it some thought, I realized that I could not possibly list my chosen movies from best to worst. The types of horror films I have watched this year vary so much that one could not fairly say one is better than another. Instead of a ranking, I’ve compiled a list of the fifteen horror films from 2015 that stand out in my mind and have become favorites for their own unique reasons.


What We Do in the ShadowsA hilarious horror comedy that may not have many scares but it will make you cry with laughter. It has a high production quality look and all the performances are fantastic. It is the Spinal Tap of vampire films. A must see for all horror fans.


The Final Girls – A film that is very respectful to the slasher genre while taking a humorous look at the slasher tropes. Strong female characters and a lot of heart make this film stand out high above other films of its kind.


Deathgasm Melt your face off horror that is one part Evil Dead plus one part Black Roses equalling a whole lot of fun. Lots of gore with a death metal soundtrack.


The Editor Made by the same group that created Manborg, they capture the look and spirit of the 70s Giallo film while also placing its tongue firmly in its cheek. Fans of the 70s Italian horror will catch all the references and all horror fans will have fun watching this throwback parody.


Applecart Director Dustin Mills creates a piece of disturbing art that proves you do not need dialog to tell a powerful story. This black and white film takes a surreal look at the darker side of man through a series of short stories. From the masks the performers wear, to the extreme nature of many of the scenes, all of it is meant to make you think. It is a film you will be talking about long after the credits roll.


Headless – This is the sister movie to the extreme horror movie “Found.” Testing the boundaries of taste and the constitution of the viewer, this film is meant only for those who are fans of gory underground indie cinema. There is also a very solid story about the torment of a man who is unable to fight the demons from his childhood. It is for select tastes only.


Model Hunger Lynn Lowery and Tiffany Shepis put in powerful performances in this topical horror movie from Director Debbie Rochon. It is a social commentary on body image mixed with humor and extreme horror. It is worth a watch just for Lowery’s performance alone. It takes you places you didn’t expect and the ending has a nice twist.


Tormented a.k.a. Berkshire County  A new twist to the classic babysitter horror genre with a strong female character and a fantastic location. The gore is used effectively and is not excessive. It has the viewer on the edge of their seat by the end of the film.


Killer RackBreasts possessed by a H.P. Lovecraftian demon. Meant for the mature audience, this is a very unique film that feels like an old school Troma film. It will have you flinching and laughing at the same time. The practical man-eating breast effects in this film are so well done that you will question whether all the effects were CGI. Trust me, they are real.


The House on Pine Street  This one falls into the slow burn category but do not let that turn you away from a very effective haunted house film. The movie employs many old school horror techniques such as creaky doors and images appearing out of the corner of your eye to build a hair-raising atmosphere. The viewer will question what is real and what is made up. It will keep you guessing until the very end.

Also Recommended

Deep Dark

The Inhabitants

Bone Tomahawk



With so many horror films released in 2015 it was definitely the year of the horror fan and 2016 looks like it will be another solid year for horror. I hope you all have a safe and fun New Years celebration.

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