Top smackdowns at Golden Globes 2018

Top smackdowns at Golden Globes 2018

Today, everyone is talking about the top smackdowns at Golden Globes 2018. People have all had their own predictions for the results of the Golden Globe awards. It is true that the Golden Globe awards never will attract as much attention as the Oscars. People are still more curious about who is going to win the most coveted prizes in the film industry.

Obviously, there is still a lot to be said for winning a Golden Globe award. Some people will sarcastically say that a Golden Globe award does not really count for anything. However, winning an award of any kind is still important when it comes to nearly everything, including getting hired again in Hollywood and nearly everything else. People are impressed by all awards, unless these awards are meant ironically, such as the Razzies.

People do have a tendency to focus more on the Emmy awards these days, thanks to the fact that this is truly the era of Peak TV. Still, the Golden Globe award ceremony gets a lot of attention. People are interested in who is going to win. They are interested in what everyone is going to be wearing and how people are going to style themselves. They are just as curious about the speeches that people will make and the kinds of audience reactions people can expect.

Many people have been predicting that Kevin Bacon will win the award for Best TV Comedy Actor. Kevin Bacon, in general, has managed to prove that he is a capable actor over the years. The fact that he has skill in comedy has been a surprise to a lot of people, but this is still something to watch out for in a lot of cases when it comes to generally talented actors. Comedy actually does require a lot of talent to get right, and it seems that Kevin Bacon has it.

A lot of people are also saying that Bob Odenkirk and Alison Brie are going to go home happy. This makes sense, given the level of talent that the two of them have combined with their inherent popularity in television and on film. People might say that the Golden Globe award ceremony is a giant meritocracy, but this is just not the case.

Award ceremonies are always going to be about politics in the industry to a certain extent. While it is true that genuinely bad entertainment will rarely win, it is also true that the difference between a winner and a loser will not be solely based on merit in the first place. People will have to find some way of narrowing down the winners, and saying that both forms of entertainment are good is rarely enough for a lot of people today.

One person has to win and one show or movie has to win. Kevin Bacon and many of the other contenders have the political favor of others in the industry on their side, and this can make all the difference for them in the end.

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