Tribeca 2012: “Take This Waltz” review by Anthony Hurtado

I was unaware that I was attending the premiere of the critically acclaimed independent film Take This Waltz  starring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman and Luke Kirby at the Tribeca Film Festival on 4/21/12.

The movie follows a generic storyline of a married couple who are together and seem to be drifting away from each other which eventually leads to the woman of the film falling for another man. In this case Michelle Williams character is that woman of the film, her character’s husband (Seth Rogen) is boring to her and she falls for a newer man (Luke Kirby).

Take This Waltz started off very basic but soon turned into another rare occasion where a romantic comedy actually turned out to be a very good film. One thing to talk about is the real and very life-like performances given by the entire cast of the film. The stand out of the film is definitely Michelle Williams who rarely disappoints in her movies that she appears in. Another question that will probably be asked allot about the film was how was Seth Rogen, “was he his typical Seth Rogen self or did he bring something new to the table“? Its safe to say that Seth Rogen was indeed not his typical loud obnoxious self like his past films, he plays the a husband who is very loyal to his wife.

The director of this film is Sarah Polley who we may remember as the lead actress in the Dawn of the Dead Remake. She recently has transferred over into the directing field  of movies and has put her acting career on hold. Let me just say she didn’t disappoint. She definitely has a huge future in directing film after this film. Now when there are good things in a film nine out of ten times there are flaws which movie did have. The main thing I had a problem with was the amount of unnecessary nudity the film had. Several scenes could have totally been left out of the film and I still would have liked this film with no questions asked. The other problem I had was the rushed and semi confusing ending which leaves you in one of those “WTF” moments you have when seeing some films.

Other than that the film was great, the acting, directing, writing were all great and the casting was down right perfect. This movie is an easy 9/10 stars for me. I really enjoyed it  and others who go to see this film will most likely enjoy as well. Take This Waltz will definitely bring alot more buzz to the Tribeca Film Festival as more and more people will be drawn in to go and see this very likeable film – Anthony Hurtado

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