“Undefeated” – Netflix Nuggets review by Mike Holtz

Undefeated on Netflix


“Undefeated” – Netflix Nuggets Review 

By: Mike Holtz, WeWatchedAMovie

Directed by:  Daniel Lindsay (Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong), T.J. Martin

Starring: Coach Bill Courtney, O.C. Brown, Montrail “Money” Brown, Chavis Daniels

It’s okay for men to cry if it’s during a sports movie dammit! I’ll be starting out my first ever Netflix Nuggets review for WeLiveFilm.com with a bang reviewing the Oscar Winning Documentary Undefeated now streaming on Netflix. In case you are wondering what the hell a Netflix Nugget is I shall tell you….. It’s a review of a film on Netflix! Shocker! Scored on a 1-10 scale of Nugget wonderment and if you have Netflix in the U.S. you can stream any of these movies right now and tell me how full of it I really am. Let the hazing begin with Undefeated.

The Manassas Tigers, a black High School Football team from Memphis are terrible. I mean haven’t won a playoff gave since the 1800’s (literally), laughing stock of the state, flat out awful.  At one point we see the kicker kick the ball between the uprights…… of his Offensive Lineman’s behind.

The team and its players are poor and so is the School.  So poor, in years past they have taken payments from bigger and better schools to drive there so they can tee off on them for fun blowout victories on Homecoming night.  Their Head Coach Bill Courtney even has to run a business full time when not on the field with his team.

Coach Courtney feels like this is his Tigers year. He says this is the most talented team he’s coached in the six years he has been there. (Still doesn’t say much, let’s be honest) Undefeated is about this coach and this team overcoming ridiculous odds, including them-selves to become something better and break the trend of inner city youths in life and in football.

If that sounds cheesy and done before then let me remind you naysayers of something! This film is a Documentary. This is all unfolding for better or worse in front of our eyes and it is truly awe inspiring. Typically sports movies are great but they always leave you wondering how it really was and have to be okay with an exaggeration here or there. Undefeated quells that little voice in the back of your head telling you its sensationalized rubbish and makes you fully involved in ways you have never been. Bring the tissues men.

It leaves you completely sure of the people you are rooting for. You know who they are. For all their demons and problems the kids on this football team went through amazing transformations right before our eyes. I sat and wondered multiple times why the Coach hadn’t kicked Chavis, a star defensive player returning to the team from jail, right off the team. He seemed impossible to reach but what came next out of him was genuinely inspiring.

These player’s problems are real and the Coaches love for them is genuine. Undefeated will have you winning and losing with the team and it’s a gut wrenching ride worth taking. It’s one of those movies that will make you feel like a better person just for watching it.

A lot of times Documentaries can feel one sided and agenda fueled.  Undefeated doesn’t have to say a word, rather just shows you the way things unfold. Sometimes absolute magic occurs and other times heartbreak but when it’s over? You feel like a better more inspired person just for watching it. Thanks Coach!  10/10- A Perfect Score. The Golden Nugget. Undefeated, indeed.


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