‘Venom’ Trailer: Tom Hardy Looks Intense But Is This Tittering Close to Retread?

Venom  Trailer: Tom Hardy Looks Intense But Is This Tittering Close to Retread?

I know trailers are often not the truest representation of a film. Sometimes they give too much away; sometimes they show stuff that doesn’t end up in the final cut, and sometimes they kick so much ass, it’s disappointing when the actual film doesn’t measure up (or thankful when it does). Then there are those trailers that are just sort of ho-hum, the same old, same old – and this first teaser for the upcoming MCU/Sony spin-off Venom falls into that category.

With Sony and Marvel deciding to team up and make side movies revolving around the Spider-Man canon, Venom was announced as the first of these spin-offs, and shortly after, Tom Hardy was tagged to play the anti-hero, Eddie Brock, of who most hardcore fans wholeheartedly approved. Also interesting is the director choice: Ruben Fleischer, best known for helming Zombieland and Gangster Squad, along with creating the TV series Superstore

In this teaser, we get our first look at Hardy as Brock, who narrates the trailer with his particular brand of an American accent, which vacillates between New York and Boston. At least, Hardy isn’t mumbling (not yet, anyway).

As Brock starts with “Everyone’s got their thing…” we see him lying in an MRI machine, being observed by doctors/scientists, as flashes of Brock’s life appear. There’s Michelle Williams (who must be the love interest), scenes of a horrific accident, and Riz Ahmed standing in front of a tube with the black gooey alien thing that will eventually infect Hardy and turn him into Venom. Oh, and there are also quick cuts of some action: Hardy riding a motorcycle, cars crashing behind him, running, falling into water.

There is no image of Hardy as Venom, though, just him on the MRI table, waking up and then violently convulsing, apparently about to become Venom. Brock states, “We all have our own problems, our own issues… our own demons.” Cue to the Venom poster as the trailer ends. Yawn.

While I am pretty excited about Hardy joining the MCU and watching the kind of intensity he’ll bring to it, this teaser does nothing to pump the blood. It’s your standard superhero-type trailer and not very encouraging for fans who want a fresh take on a Marvel character who is essentially a villain. Let’s just hope Hardy’s Brock/Venom is more than just “misunderstood.” Suggestions for the next, more extended trailer? Use a pulsing rock song. Personally, I think every action trailer should use Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant” song.

Check out the Venom teaser above or below and share what you think in the comments below.

Venom  is set to ooze into theaters October 5.

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