Man of Steel 2 in Development at Warner Bros.

Man of Steel

Following the record-breaking opening weekend for Suicide Squad at the domestic box office, The Wrap has learned that Warner Bros. is actively developing a sequel to the DC Extended Universe’s first effort, Man of Steel.

According to a source close to the project, the film is a top priority for the studio; also, giving audiences a proper depiction of the character of Superman is of “tantamount importance.”

Ever since the Superman solo film was released in 2013, rumors of a Man of Steel sequel have been floating around, considering how the movie posted decent numbers at the box office, taking in $668 million on a $225 million budget. The film received fairly mixed reception from critics and slightly more positive reception from fans.

Despite (spoilers) Superman being killed off at the end of this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s no surprise that we haven’t seen the last of the Man of Steel in the DCEU, as he is confirmed to appear in both Justice League movies and is sure to pop up in other announced projects as well. While the article doesn’t explicitly state it, it can be assumed that Henry Cavill will return to play the superhero.

Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder, on the other hand, is more of a wild card. No director has been more involved in the early DCEU films than Snyder, but after he finishes up helming both Justice League installments, it’s unclear whether or not Warner Bros. will look to continue hiring him for their films, after the assorted, and oftentimes negative, responses to his efforts.

Additionally, many view Snyder as a director who mishandles and misunderstands the character of Superman and perhaps not the most qualified to be building a film around him.

While the largely negative critical reviews for Suicide Squad made many question the future of the DC Extended Universe and whether or not audiences would come out to see the supervillain team-up film, its hefty $135 million at the box office this weekend means that audience members are still interested in seeing DC films. The studio’s reported development of a Man of Steel sequel confirms that they still have a lot of faith in their upcoming slate.

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