Weekend Box Office: “Divergent” Scores $56M Debut, “Muppets” Busted

"Divergent" (2014) - Weekend Box Office (We Live Film)

by Matt Marshall

Divergent went into the weekend box office with hopes of becoming the next young adult sensation. While still short of the big three (Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games), the first installment of the Veronica Roth series opened in first place to an estimated $56 million.

Muppets Most Wanted, starring Tina Fey, opened in second with $16.5 million. Mr. Peabody & Sherman and 300: Rise of an Empire both dropped two spots from last weekend. In third, Peabody added $11.7 million to its three-week haul. Rise of an Empire took the fourth spot with another $8.7 million.

Christian drama, God’s Not Dead unexpectedly cracked the Top 5 with $8.6 million. The film was released over the weekend in less than 800 theaters.

Note: These #’s are based on Sunday’s projections and can change with Monday’s actual #’s.

#1 – Divergent (NR)
$56.0 million / $56.0 million total

Hollywood is still in need of their next Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games. Divergent, based on the first novel of the Veronica Roth series, opened below all those films with $56 million. While that’s still a strong haul and way ahead of other cinematic attempts: The Mortal Instruments, The Host, Beautiful Creatures, the negative reception doesn’t bode well for a solid franchise. And what does that mean for Shailene Woodley, who doesn’t even have The Amazing Spider-Man 2 anymore to turn her into a household name?

#2 – Muppets Most Wanted (NR)
$16.5 million / $16.5 million total

Fewer moviegoers wanted to travel with the Muppets across the pond this time around. Muppets Most Wanted opened to little over half of what the 2011 film did. Even with plenty of positive reviews going around, it’s a bit of a shock. The 2011 film also opened around Thanksgiving, while this sequel debuted in March. Will the Muppets have to wait a bit longer to continue their 35-year-old franchise?

#3 – Mr. Peabody & Sherman (1)
$11.7 million / $81.0 million total

This weekend was a hard hit for all holdovers. Fortunately for Mr. Peabody & Sherman, it took the lightest hit in the Top 5 with a 46% drop. That doesn’t help its chances of crossing $100 million sooner than later. It’ll still manage a haul over the century mark, but the previously projected $125 million finish is less likely for the dog genius and his son.

#4 – 300: Rise of an Empire (2)
$8.7 million / $93.7 million total

300 had $100 million battered down in 8 days. Rise of an Empire is in its 17th day and has yet to cross the century mark. Like Mr. Peabody & Sherman, this weekend did no favors to 300. And with Noah and Sabotage set for next week, the Greeks could get beat for another weekend. At its current rate, Rise of an Empire may hit $115 million. That’s little over half of what 300 made in its 2007 run.

#5 – God’s Not Dead (NR)
$8.6 million / $8.6 million total

Well this was certainly an eye-opener. Going into the weekend, Need for Speed was nearly guaranteed to round out the Top 5. The projected estimates say differently with God’s Not Dead taking the fifth spot. God’s Not Dead follows in the footsteps of many Christian dramas such as Fireproof and Courageous, appealing to the religious demographic. In less than 800 theaters, God’s Not Dead pulled in $8.6 million, good enough to crack the Top 5. Close proximity to 300 could mean a potential switch with Monday’s actual numbers.

Opening Next Week: Noah, Sabotage, Cesar Chavez (limited), The Raid 2 (limited), Bad Words (expanding)

Source: Box Office Mojo


Matt Marshall is a YouTube movie reviewer who hosts MNMreviews. He has a B.A. in Communications/Journalism from St. John Fisher College and resides in Rochester, NY.

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