What DC’s Minimalist & Lazy Promotion of “Wonder Woman” Says

What DC’s Minimalist & Lazy Promotion of Wonder Woman Says

It is April 27th, 2017 and we are anticipating the release of the first female-led and directed new era* superhero film, Wonder Woman. A film being released by DC, we can expect some pretty saturated marketing. The problem, however, is that we can’t seem to find a whole bunch of marketing or advertising for the film. With a June 2nd release date, as of today only 35 days until release, where are all the trailers? Where is the advertising? I know what you’re thinking: this is just another feminist tirade that has no basis in fact. I’m sorry but it does. I’ll compare the advertising of Wonder Woman and the advertising of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice based on the videos published under Warner Bros. Pictures channel on YouTube.

Film: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Release Date: March 25th, 2015.
By 35 Days Prior (February 18th, 2016) we had the following clips and trailers:

Save the Bats October 27th, 2014
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Teaser April 17th, 2015
Comic Con Trailer, July 11th, 2015
Batman v Superman Exclusive Sneak November 30th, 2015
Official Trailer 2 December 2nd, 2015
TV Spot 1 January 9th, 2016
TV Spot 2 January 9th 2016
TV Spot 3 January 24th 2016
TV Spot 4 January 24th, 2016

Film: Wonder Woman
Release Date: June 2nd, 2017
By 35 Days Prior (April 27th, 2017) we had the following clips and trailers:

Wonder Woman Official Trailer November 3rd, 2016
Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer July 23rd, 2016
Wonder Woman Official Origin Trailer, March 11th, 2017

Seems a bit uneven, doesn’t it? Well, maybe it is just coincidence. Maybe it’s the budget. With Batman V Superman, there was a 250 million dollar budget and Wonder Woman sits at 100-120 million dollars. I get it, Batman V Superman had Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill among others, but if Wonder Woman has “less famous” actors and actresses in it, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the saved money could have been used for marketing purposes or is it reasonable to say more money has been allocated to marketing for say another DC Film?

That brings us to Justice League set to release on November 17th, 2017, a whopping 203 days from today.

Film: Justice League
Release Date: November 17th, 2017
By 203 Days Prior (April 27th, 2017) we had the following clips and trailers:

Justice League Special Comic Con Footage July 23rd, 2016
Unite the League- Aquaman March 23rd, 2017
Unite the League- The Flash March 23rd, 2017
Unite the League- Batman March 23rd, 2017
Unite the League- Wonder Woman March 23rd, 2017
Unite the League- Cyborg March 23rd, 2017
Justice League Official Trailer March 25th, 2017

Not only is Justice League not even releasing until fall, but DC appears to be overshadowing the release of Wonder Woman with pushing Justice League advertising just a month before Wonder Woman is set to release in theaters.

The problem with this is the fact that marketing works, for the most part. The lack of attention and presence of Wonder Woman advertising and marketing already puts a sour taste in our mouths. In conjunction with the “don’t worry, we have ‘better’ one coming” type advertising for Justice League, it borders on offensive. At last, women can rejoice in the fact that we are finally getting a proper female-led and directed superhero film, with the small footnotes of a 150 million lower budget than the previous film, an estimated 100 million less than the next, and apparently zero to minimal effort in marketing. Wonder Woman’s marketing and advertising does little to improve our belief that equality in the sexes is anywhere around the corner, at least in the superhero world of DC.

*There was a release of the British film Supergirl in 1984 by Columbia-EMI-Warner in the UK and Tristar Pictures in the US.

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  1. “I know what you’re thinking: this is just another feminist tirade that has no basis in fact. I’m sorry but it does.” Sorry Ashley but it really doesn’t. You think they’re under advertising their own movie with their own investment and profits at risk because the star is female? That’s not happening.

  2. I think that their monetary investment, social media, and marketing efforts are less because it is a female character, absolutely.

  3. So you think they’re sabotaging their own film, costing them millions of their own dollars because the character is Wonder Woman? There is zero evidence for that ludicrous conclusion. Why not just not do a Wonder Woman instead of costing themselves millions of dollars through passive aggressive self sabotage? Because that’s not what they’re doing. The other films were overhyped simple as that. Given that the others were criticized for over hyping one could argue that Wonder Woman actually has superior marketing.

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