Wonder Woman: A Game-Changer in the World of Superheroes

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Wonder Woman: A Game-Changer in the World of Superheroes

A long anticipated and highly publicized wait for Wonder Woman has given us a plethora of stupid controversies including armpit hair, but nothing and I mean NOTHING can distract from the fact that Wonder Woman is hands down the best superhero movie to come out in years. It is a game-changer and a phenomenal film, one which all involved should be very proud of.

In this film, we learn about the origins of Wonder Woman, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and her start on the island of Themyscira. Her desire to be a warrior and her mother’s resistance leads us to believe there is more to Diana than we know as she grows into a woman. One day, a young pilot named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes near Themyscira and Diana springs into action, saving him from his sinking plane. Little did they know, hot on his heels were the German soldiers who would bring war to the island. A battle ensues until the Amazons are the victors, but not without loss. As Steve Trevor is kept on the island, he tells them of what is happening in the real world.

Learning about the war and millions of people have already died, Diana must follow her heart and destiny and save people from war by killing Aries. Bidding her mother and home goodbye, she takes her sword (the God-Killer), her shield and her lasso and heads off to London. In her quest to save humanity, she must work with Steve Trevor and his ragtag group of soldiers to figure out who Aries is all while stopping the Germans from advancing the war.

Gal Gadot encompasses everything that Wonder Woman is. She is fierce, strong, resilient and doesn’t need a man to tell her what to do. She must be powerful yet provides enough emotion and humanity in her performance. As a result, we get the most incredible superhero we have had in years. Chris Pine is a worthy leading man and only makes the film stronger. He is the courageous and supportive man we need beside Wonder Woman as she heads into battle. Alongside Chris and Gal are our secondary characters that each add another element to the film enriching the world that Patty Jenkins has created.

The villains created in the film are well-crafted and multifaceted. While you are focusing your attention on one villain, you are seeing the evil in another. Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison / Maru is haunting and a great female villain to add to the cast. Danny Huston is a terrifying General Erich Ludendorff and does well to create a strong German evil for our heroes to fight.

The action scenes are inspiring and will grip you by the chest and not let go. There is a scene where Diana decides that she will not allow for people to be suffering due to the standoff between troops at No Man’s Land and decides to jump over the trenches and advance the army to save the innocent people. It is a good 15 minute non-stop action fest where Gal Gadot kicks serious ass. It is riveting, intense, and emotional. You are kept on the edge of your seat the entire time. As she advances in the trenches, the music swells and bullets ricochet off her shield in beams of light, it is pure magic. Once arriving in the village, she attacks troops of men head on by blasting through a window. It is so spectacular that you want to stand and cheer.

Wonder Woman is the superhero we’ve been craving for years and Patty Jenkins finally delivered. The direction in this film is perfection. Patty Jenkins knew what she wanted and wouldn’t settle for less. It takes a female director to show the devastation and inhumanity in war and Patty Jenkins has given us and that so much more we didn’t know we needed. She gave us a strong female superhero with conviction and strength, but humanity and decency and the ability to make the audience look inward to the true nature of man. It takes an incredible director to create a 2 hour and 21-minute film and still leave the audience craving more and more.

What is great about Wonder Woman is the fact that at no time during the film does the focus shift off of Diana. She is the heart and soul of the film. They respect that wholly and give her the time to shine with kick ass action scenes, emotionally powerful moments and an all around spectacular female character. The film is an inspiration to generations of women. It is empowering, fantastic, entertaining and beautifully crafted. Wonder Woman is truly game changing. DC is back with a vengeance led by Wonder Woman. Hollywood take note, this is how you do a superhero movie.


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