“World War Z” – Review by Jake Peffer

world war z jeake peffer review

World War Z Review

by Jake Peffer

World War Z is another entry in the ongoing zombie genre. However, this particular film does things a little differently. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a former United Nations employee who is now retired. On a day out with his wife (Mireille Enos) and daughters, chaos starts to ensure in what appears to be a zombie breakout. Gerry and his family manage to get rescued but Gerry is soon thrust into action to investigate this mysterious disease that has broken out and possibly find a cure.

My initial reaction from the first trailer was that this would be just another generic summer film with lots of special effects and nothing else going for it. So I was surprised to see that this is actually quite an entertaining film. A lot can be said about what’s good in the film but what impressed me the most were the zombies themselves. The makeup used and the actions of these zombies are surprisingly frightening, that’s very rare to find nowadays outside of the zombies on The Walking Dead. Director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) keeps things fast paced and edge of your seat intense, it only takes about fifteen minutes for things to get going and the film doesn’t let up until the end.

It’s no surprise that Brad Pitt gives a good performance here. This looks as if it would be a role that Pitt would just sleepwalk through but he actually puts some real emotion into his character which makes you want to see him survive this pandemic that’s going on. Even though this is mostly Pitt’s show, the supporting cast here does a good job as well. Mireille Enos does well as Pitt’s wife, James Badge Dale and David Morse also do a good job in their small roles as well. Even the girls who play Pitt’s daughters (Sterling Jerins, Abigail Hargrove) give a couple good performances too.

While there is plenty to enjoy here there were some things I had problems with. For one there are some moments where the CGI looks pretty bad. It’s not bad throughout the film but there are moments here and there involving the zombies where it just looks a little off. Another thing I wasn’t crazy about was the ending. The conclusion makes sense but it felt like their solution created a new set of problems. It didn’t help matters that it ended with an obvious hope for a sequel which is something I’ve never really liked

Verdict: World War Z is a surprisingly tense and entertaining action movie. While the movie does suffer from a weak ending and some spotty CG here and there, Brad Pitt gives a good performance and the direction is able to make this worth seeing.

Grade: B

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