Zombie Decadence Movie Review on Horror Thursdays

Another review from the We Live Film Basement. I grab a seat at the stage to review the film “Zombie Decadence” a.k.a. “Zombies vs Strippers”. Find out if it is worth the cover charge or if you should try the club down the road.
Since this movie is currently free on Hulu you may just want to take a chance.


Movie: Zombie Decadence (2012)
Director: Alex Nicolaou
Plot: A owner of the strip club Tough Titty is thinking of selling. On the final night before he sells there is a zombie outbreak and he and the other employees of the club, along with a few customers try to survive the night and keep the undead out.
Cast: Circus-Szalewski, Eve Mauro, Victoria Levine |

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