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24: Legacy – ‘1:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.’ Review

24: Legacy hour 2

24: Legacy – ‘1:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.’ Review

“Not a good way to start the day.”

Warning: From here on out, each 24: Legacy review will have spoilers, starting with this one.

24: Legacy‘s first hour is complete. It was a good start for the reboot/spinoff/continuation/whatever of the FOX TV series. We were introduced to our new protagonist, Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) who’s day took a turn for the worst when his home was attacked by terrorists affiliated with a dead terrorist leader  named Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid. Thus, was the beginning of the developing conflict. In true 24 fashion, the suspense does not let up as the show resumes in its normal Monday night timeslot for hour number two.

I feel like I need to apologize to you, the reader, if you’re new to 24 and you just want to read reviews for this current season. As I said in the pilot review, I am a die hard 24 fan. I pretty much know everything there is to know about the series. I don’t think I can write about the events of 24: Legacy without making minor comparisons to seasons of the past. At least for now. I’ll work on stopping myself from doing so. The reason why I say this is because things are happening so considerably quicker than most 24 episodes of the past. It may have to do with the fact that this event series is only 12 episodes like 24: Live Another Day. As much as 24: LAD got off to a fast start, some plot events here thrusted to ludicrous speed. One such event involves Eric Carter making an extreme decision.

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter has shown promise to be a worthy successor to Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. He’s already gone through a lot in the first hour of this new show. Now, I don’t want to spend all season comparing Carter to Bauer, but I, and probably many veteran fans are watching Carter with an imaginary “bad assery” graph chart in mind, leveling his every move to see if he’ll come close to reaching Jack Bauer’s bad ass level. I personally can’t help it. Every time Carter gets in a jam, it’s W.W.J.B.D., man. What would Jack Bauer do? Then Carter turns around and does something awesome. I nod my head in approval, knowing Jack would also approve. Point is, Carter already has the “whatever it takes” mindset.

Such is the case with him forcing two cops to take him to their evidence storage so he can steal $2 million in confiscated drug money to pay Ben to get the USB drive he stole with all the valuable intel Bin-Khalid had. Carter’s rash decision making is pretty advanced. To do something this dangerous so early in the season is quite a feat. Loved how he spoke to the younger, seemingly more tolerant cop on expectations of the day. This scenario seemed very over-the-top, almost to the point where I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But it was pretty entertaining. This is often what the show does to its hero though. He must make decisions that go against a normal moral code. This incident also confirms Rebecca has the same mindset, even though she tried to talk Carter out of it at first while trying to find another option.

24: legacy hour 2

Rebecca is pretty bad ass in the way she handles each situation. She has so much to lose. Her actions can affect her Senator husband who’s running for president. She must have a really strong bond with Carter to be sticking her neck out for him. I was intrigued how she explained her situation to Keith after having tased him earlier. That’s an awkward situation. She managed to get his pass code with little effort. I’m a little curious about the history between these two. Keith seems to want to help her, but her actions can’t be ignored.

C.T.U. seems to be filled with back stabbers, kiss asses and people with animosity towards one another. Just another day at C.T.U. Andy is quite loyal to Rebecca, risking his job to help her help Eric, but he has some kind of conflict with a new character introduced here, Thomas Locke. That’s sure to play out in later episodes. Now that I can give out spoilers, I can now mention Mariana Stiles, cousin to the late Edgar Stiles, which will only mean something to true 24 fans. Like her cousin, she seems brilliant but she’s a tattle tail. I mean I want to hate her for ratting on Andy, but she is probably just doing her job. The two not liking each other is irrelevant, right? I have a feeling she’s going to be important later on in the season. Despite the high tech makeover, C.T.U. hasn’t changed much.

We were formally introduced to Jadalla bin-Khalid (Raphael Acloque). Not much was learned except he’s young, educated and intends to fulfilled his father’s terrorist plans. He’s also very smart and think’s he’s protected by God. Uh, huh… Doesn’t seem like a ruthless villain yet. It seems he mostly has his goons do the dirty work. It’s too soon to really say much on this guy. Not really very interesting yet. Plus, he’s probably not even the season’s main villain. Changes in villains at the middle point in each season is almost a guarantee.

Nicole and Isaac had a lovely chat about Eric and how he was never the same after coming home from war. She might actually be on to something about him needing this conflict to function. Carter does not seem like a reluctant hero type. He pretty much dived right into action without trying to pass the buck to someone else. In this episode, he admitted to feeling responsible for these attacks by Bin-Khalid’s men because he didn’t bench Ben from the last mission after signs of him being unstable. So in a way, Eric might be damaged. This makes me wonder what will happen with their marriage. I wouldn’t want Nicole to end up like Terry Bauer or nothing that extreme – it would be cliché anyway – but how is she going to feel comfortable staying with Eric after all this, knowing he’ll probably get involved in future conflicts. No, he will get involved in future conflicts if this show gets renewed. That’s kind of how this series works. Besides worrying about her husband, there wasn’t much for Nicole to do this hour. All she did was overhear Isaac’s lady friend Aisha talking on the phone, setting Isaac up for the drug buy to go wrong. Seems like Nicole is in more danger being at Isaac’s place than anywhere else. There’s definitely a fight coming between Nicole and Aisha, or something chaotic is going to happen.

Then we come back to the high school which was surprisingly one of the better subplots of the episode. Amira’s little innocent act to Drew was pretty good. If we hadn’t already known she was in a sleeper cell, we might have believed her. The teacher she’s working was way more jittery than he was in the pilot. Poor Drew though, shouldn’t have interrupted Amira’s oral lesson to Mr. Jitters. Nasty way for Drew to go getting his head bashed in the floor by a teacher in a class room. Talk about a crass course, eesh.

Oh, and what’s 24 without a mole? This is the one plot device I wish 24 would stop using. First Donovan’s campaign manager Nilaa was accused of being in a radicle church group, which she claims she had no affiliation with them. Then it seems as she has been logging into some classified files through Rebecca’s login. Of course, this could be someone else setting her up as a patsy, but either way, there is a mole in this plot somewhere.

This hour of 24: Legacy was quite bananas. Carter obviously walking a fine line between what’s morally right and what’s necessary for the mission’s success. His reliance on police profiling paid off, and it was cool to see him attack the cops and make them his captives. But now he has himself in a jam being trapped in the police station with a department of cops fully armed, positioned to take him out. Now that Rebecca was hauled off by C.T.U. security, and Keith is left staring at Eric through the police department’s security feed, it’s possible Keith may attempt to contact Eric, and Eric may have no choice but to accept Keith’s help.

There’s a lot of crazy going on in this early part of the season. But it’s still too early to tell if this whole story is going to play out like a typical 24 season, or if there is something new in the coming hours. I just hope this show does more with some of its characters sooner than later.

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