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24: Legacy – ‘2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.’ Review

24 Legacy hour 3

24: Legacy – ‘2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.’ Review

Carter goes on an afternoon train ride.

Warning: This is a spoiler review for the third episode of 24: Legacy.

Hour three begins with the suspenseful yet all too easy conclusion at the police precinct where Eric Carter is improvising his way out of there after Rebecca was taken off of coms by Keith. This was a highly entertaining scene that further demonstrated how daring Carter can be to get his mission done. The realistic part of the scene was there was no way he could evade so many cops and a SWAT team, and his intense standoff with the cops was a nail biter. But then it came to an abrupt end when the police captain got a phone call from Rebecca at CTU. Then everything was all better. Within 30 seconds, the cops went from having their guns aimed at Carter’s head to helping him get to his destination. I could just imagine what those cops, especially the SWAT team were thinking. “What just happened?”, is what they should be saying, because that’s what I was thinking. Things just cooled down a little too fast. All was forgiven way too easily. I get this situation had to move on fast, but come on.

You know you’ve seen too much 24 when you can easily predict when someone’s being setup. Then again, even a newb to the show could have guessed that Donovan’s campaign manager, Nilaa Mizrani was being setup. Her ethnic background and religion makes her an easy target. Papa Donovan, Henry (Gerald McRaney) is a bad man who’s using Nilaa as a scapegoat to cover up his leaking of a file. There definitely must be more information on why Henry needs to go through such extreme measures to get his son elected president. Knowing he’s to blame for Eric’s dead comrades by letting Bin- Khlid’s men know their identities, makes me feel uneasy after seeing McRaney act like such a good guy on This is Us recently. Okay, obviously, that’s a whole nother story. I just wanted a reason to say his work on that show is so brilliant. But seriously, he’s an asshat in this show if he has to stoop to low dealings to get his trustworthy son in the White House. Hang in there, Nilaa.

24 Legacy hour 3

The high school situation just got complicated. Whaddayaknow, Drew is alive. But man, that headache tho’. Making life difficult for the poor, incompetent terrorists, Drew stumbles his way to the bleachers and passes out. Harris and Amira can’t make it in time to hide Drew before the track team sees him. So now Amira easily talks her way into riding with Drew to the hospital in the ambulance. I wonder exactly how long they intend to drag this situation out. I’m almost certain she’ll end up killing Drew successfully, but Harris is probably going to get caught since there’s a huge puddle of Drew’s blood in his classroom. He’ll likely rat out Amira. Then she’ll be a fugitive. Or he’ll get caught and rat on Amira when she’s seconds away from killing Drew. Either way, this plot should be getting bloody, but possibly boring. We’ll see.

Nicole’s story is becoming very unnecessary. Aisha’s mean mugging is getting annoying. I can’t seem to muster a single reason to care whether Isaac survives his upcoming drug dealer or not. This subplot only adds trivial ghetto drama to the world of 24, not grittiness or intensity. The only thing I’m honestly hoping for out of this is a bloody shootout between Isaac’s men and his competitor’s minions. That’s it. And it’s a shame too because I want to see more from Nicole. So maybe I just have to be patient.

I hardly give a damn about Andy and Locke having a fling. I only mention it as a follow up to the mystery of last week’s confrontation between those two. I don’t care enough for either character to know any details on their love lives. Matter of fact, can we just avoid affairs, office romances, and just stick stopping the terrorists, please?

The final act is what saved this episode. Carter pursued Ben Grimes with CTU watching his back. Locke was following him to make sure the operation was a success. Ben is clearly messed up in the head. I almost feel bad for him. He really just wants a fresh start, literally. He wants to live near a glacier. Can’t get much fresher than that. Eric obviously really cares about him, and under better circumstances, he’d probably make sure he’d get his comrade some help.

24 Legacy hour 3

Of course getting the list from Ben would be interrupted by Bin-Khalid’s men who were following Ben. The scene picked up with a very exciting shootout in the train station where Carter added another one to his kill count. He was able to save Ben from getting killed, but he couldn’t catch up to the terrorists who retrieved the list. The chase in the tunnel that led out into the street, that led to Carter getting hit by a car made for an satisfying end to an otherwise mediocre episode.

As of right now, I can honestly say I’m not overly impressed with 24: Legacy, but I am entertained by it enough to keep watching it without punching myself over the head. As a loyal fan of 24, I know that if I just stick with this, I’ll be writing much more enthusiastic reviews for this series soon. It’s only hour three, and as quickly as Carter’s story is moving along, everything else seems to be hitting speed bumps or dead ends. This hour was filled with predictable moments and an implausible outcome to the police station situation. However, Carter continues to impress, and I continue to cheer him on.

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