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“24: Legacy” Ep. 5 ‘4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.’ Review

24: legacy

24: Legacy – ‘4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.’ Review

“Shut up, Ben”.

Warning: I’ll be shooting out spoilers in this 24 Legacy review.

So here we are, hour five, and it still feels like we’re setting up for something big. Normally, I would have expected that “something big” to have already happened. Keep in mind, this is only a 12 episode season. But here we are, in an episode that had just enough shocks and thrills to keep things interesting.

This hour made Carter and Ben the main priority as they planned out their meeting with Gabriel. Carter’s rogue status was short lived after he easily convinced Keith this was their only option… which didn’t work in the last hour…. Anyway, before the meeting, Ben spends his time trying to convince Eric their plan is going to work, as well as talking about the afterlife. Then he proceeds to shave… with scissors. Ouch.

Let’s just get on with it, Ben’s dies. Shot in the head by Gabriel’s men after Eric refuses to pull the trigger at Gabriel’s request. Luckily for Eric, Gabriel was impressed by his loyalty towards Ben. The deal moves on.

So Ben’s dead. He’s the first character in the main cast to punch out. I am now proceeding to shrug my shoulders. Yeah, his death was sudden and shocking, but in the end, I don’t care. Yeah, he was messed up in the head (which is now bleeding across the warehouse), but he brought all of this on himself. I saw him dragging down Carter for the past few hours. I see his death as a relief. Carter can now focus on defusing the threat without distractions.

Oh, wait, that’s right, Nicole. Although she and Eric have a chat on the phone, and he believes she’s headed towards a friend’s house where she’ll be safe, we know that’s not the case. She’s still caught up with Isaac and his gangster sh*t. She’s going to soon be in some kind of trouble, and Eric’s going to find out about it.

24: legacy

Last week, Nicole and Isaac’s story had some excitement. This week, it was just downright questionable and annoying. Isaac sure doesn’t handle stress too well. He was way over the top in this hour, yelling at his men, trying to figure out his next move, even pushing Nicole to the floor once she tried to calm him down. Which is really why I have to wonder why the hell she let him talk her into staying. By the way, Isaac’s boys didn’t look too thrilled when they saw Nicole on the floor. Isaac better check himself. This plot is starting to drag its own ass. The only cool moment is when Nicole made herself clear that Isaac better not ever put his hands on her again.

Henry Donovan’s interrogation at CTU seem a bit glossed over. This plot point will probably leak over into next week, but I thought more would come from it sooner. He spent his time denying everything, while John rushed in to scold his father. The development was minimal, but the dramatic work between Jimmy Smits and Gerald McRaney continues to be solid. Oh, and Nilaa is officially in the clear. It’ll be nice to see if she continues to work on John’s campaign only because he was the one who truly believed her in the first place. But there’s definitely friction between her and Rebecca now. I’m going to take a wild guess. The day’s events are going to take a dramatic toll of John and Rebecca’s marriage. Nilaa and John might become a thing as a result. Sound crazy? Well, we’ll see.

I really want to know why Keith Mullins has beef with Andy. Although Mullins is correct with his theory that Andy gave Carter the anti-missile schematics, he can’t prove it, but he didn’t hesitate to bench Andy, taking away all of his access. What is up with the bad blood, bro?

Kusuma grew impatient with Judalla Bin-Khalid, and he got a bullet in the head because of it. Instead of waiting for the right time to call in all of their sleeper cells at once, Kusuma called in one to start their attack. Well, Kusuma is dead, and now we know why we’ve been watching Amira this whole time. Her and Khasan, her brother are one of the cells on that list, and they’ve just been activated. Before that, they got an unexpected visit from their papa. Family drama ensued. We learned something that was already pretty obvious. Khasan is committed to the cause, while Amira is in doubt. She seems to compassionate to go through with an attack. However, with them now being activated, it’ll be interesting to see if she’ll carry out her orders or sabotage the attack. Overall, there were a couple of tense moments involving Amira and her brother, as well as Judalla’s operation. With these developments, a major event may finally go down in the next hour.

24: legacy

Going back to the warehouse, this was the most exciting setting out of the entire episode. Watching Carter operate under the circumstances that he just saw his friend die was impressive. It’s awesome watching his bad assery go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. We didn’t get any answers from Gabriel before he slit his own throat, but we did get a pretty cool shootout between CTU and all the henchmen. Carter racked up a few more to his kill count. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if they find any valuable information from Gabriel’s laptop. I think the timing may have been off on this plot though. Carter has Gabriel and his goon at gunpoint before the commercial break, and even when we returned from the break, we didn’t return back to Carter for almost ten minutes. It’s like they all stood in silence until CTU was just outside. Oh, well. The timing can’t always be perfect.

This episode was decent enough, but at the same time, I feel like the warehouse stuff could have been wrapped up sooner, and Carter could have been well on his way to the next objective. It was still great watching Carter take control of the situation. The Amira storyline is heating up, but Isaac and Nicole’s is headed towards sub zero. Hopefully, with next week being the midway point, things will start to speed up and get even more intense. I’m also hoping eventually there will be a time jump to spread Carter’s day out. At least Ben won’t be around to drag him down no more. Bye bye, Ben.

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