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“24: Legacy” Ep. 10 ‘9:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.’ Review

24: legacy

“24: Legacy” Episode 10 ‘9:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.’ Review

Rebecca’s ring of fire.

Warning: This review will discuss major spoilers for this week’s 24: Legacy.

In hour 10 of 24: Legacy, we were treated to a nice terrorist reunion, awww. Turns out, the big bad terrorist leader we’ve know to be dead since the premiere is alive and we- uh… he’s alive, let’s just go with that. Yup, Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, Jadalla’s father, believed to have been killed in the raid led Eric and his Army Rangers is back calling the shots on his family’s crusade against America.

This isn’t entirely shocking, but it’s a welcomed turn of events. It certainly raises the stakes quite a bit. Jadalla’s commitment to his father’s cause has been in question for the past few episodes, but with the return of his father, there would have been no doubt the two would be a stronger force of evil against their enemies. In a scene between the two catching up with each other, it was made clear they believe in what they’re doing is just. But the idea of getting revenge on Rebecca is something that works in favor of their cause and can satisfy their need for revenge. It’s a really scary situation we’re looking at.

Speaking of scary, the makeup designed to show Ibrahim’s disfigurement is haunting. It’s enough to give Deadpool and Two-Face a run for their money. I certainly applaud the makeup department, but also the decision to make his “return from the dead” appearance that startling deserves credit. It would have been cheap if he walked out looking clean and healthy. Instead, his believable appearance truly looks like that of a man who survived a tense firefight. I’m surprised Jadalla wasn’t freaked out by his father’s terrifying appearance.

Good thing is, John Donovan is safe. I’m a bit surprised Bin-Khalid let him go so willingly. Sure, that was the strongest way Rebecca was going to go through with the exchange, her life for his, but I’m surprised the terrorists didn’t try to retrieve him so they could kill them both. The beef is clearly with Rebecca. And now that she ended up getting caught by Naseri and with Jadalla getting killed, thanks to a clean shot to the face by Eric’s sniper rifle, Ibrahim is more than likely going to make her stay with him a very painful one. Not to mention, his grudge against the country was just elevated. So whatever attacks he has planned, he’s going to push for them to be carried out sooner rather than later… Which makes sense, there’s now only two episodes left.

24: legacy

The stadium scene was really intense. The fire on the field was quite a sight. However, I wonder what the goal was. Burn Rebecca alive or make it seem like she was burned alive, then abduct her to torture her? Because they didn’t soak the entire field with gasoline since they left a giant patch dry for her to get trapped in. Which, I have to call bullsh*t on too because how the hell did Naseri engage in a shootout with Carter above the stands and then manage to reach Rebecca within seconds of Carter making his way down to her? It’s possible that another henchman retrieved her, but only Naseri and another guy shown trying to calm down Ibrahim when he saw his son get killed appeared to be present. It wasn’t a very well executed scene, sadly.

Before we got to the stadium, we did get a great scene of dialogue between Eric and Rebecca discussing exactly what I was talking about last week regarding relationships and the kind of work agents and people protecting the country do. It makes sense for Rebecca to have to explain to Eric that he would have to keep secrets from Nicole because she and any civilian would not understand the kind of mindset it takes to defend the country. Eric confirmed that he feels he has something inside of him that calls for this kind of lifestyle. So it’s becoming more clearer that he does need this in his life. It was a very well acted scene by the two best characters of this new series. It proved that these to had a strong bond. It’s a shame we haven’t seen enough of them working together.

I found it fascinating that this episode attempted to show both sides of the protagonists and the antagonist, and how neither viewpoint can ever co-exist. With scenes like the one between John and Naseri, the conversation with the father and son terror team, to the talk with Eric and Rebecca, we got a look at the mindset between those who are good and evil. Both sides consider each other evil, and there’s no grey area. I commend the show for not portraying either side in an over-the-top fashion.

Thank goodness Tony Almeida is still lingering around. He was able to help CTU track Rebecca’s location – prior to the stadium attack – with little resistance. That means she really meant something to him or he has a great amount of respect for her to be talking to people that could eventually arrest him. I would just like to have Tony stick it out for the remainder of the season, which is only two more episodes. The previews for next week suggest Tony will be hired by the shady Director of National Intelligence, Donald Simms to clean up an operation. Through the phrase “East July” that Jennifer – the woman who had a bomb strapped to her chest last week – overheard by her home invaders, Andy learned the director is up to something. Tony and Eric may finally meet, but on opposing ends.

24: legacy

Now here’s a couple of quick but somewhat minor events that I probably don’t need to bring up, but I want to.

I guess Henry wasn’t totally lying when he said he didn’t communicate with the terrorists. He totally threw John’s uncle, Luis under the bus by telling Rebecca it was he who had been the one in contact with the terrorists. Henry messed up by confronting him instead of keeping him in the house until CTU arrived. Now Luis is on the run. Thanks for nothing, Henry.

Was it really a good time for Nicole to confront Eric about Rebecca’s job offer? Of course not, but how else are we going to see that conversation between her and Eric with so little time left in the season? Look, I’m starting to get how hard this is for Nicole, and maybe the best thing for both her and Eric is to get a divorce. That way, she can have the life she wants, and Eric can continue fighting for the country. All I ask is that she not go back to Isaac. Not that I can’t see Isaac cares for her, but out of respect for Eric, she should just head out and get a fresh start. Then, there’s no conflict between the two brothers.

Hour 10 revealed to us that Jadalla’s evil daddy was still alive. Not looking good, but alive, and willing to wreck havoc on the country. With Jadalla dead, some bad stuff’s about to go down and Rebecca is right at the center of it. This was another episode with a lot going on, but most if it felt like addition setup for the finale. The hour was quick and filled with good interactions with the characters. That’s really all I have left to say.

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