Adam Scott and Craig Robinson to Headline Fox’s “Comedic X-Files” Series Ghosted

Adam Scott Craig Robinson Ghosted

While more episodes of The X-Files could be a couple years away, if they ever come at all, Fox has just landed a new single-camera comedy that is sure to whet the appetite of fans of the paranormal. The network won the series Ghosted, which comes from That Awkward Moment writer and director Tom Gormican, in a “competitive situation with a slew of buyers,” according to Deadline.

Headlining the series are two NBC alums, Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, well-known for their work on Parks and Recreation and The Office, respectively. The pair will be executive producing the series with Gormican, Mark Schulman and Oly Obst as well.

The show has been described as a “comedic X-Files and sees Robinson playing Leroy Wright, a hilarious skeptic, and Scott playing Max Allison, a genius true believer in otherworldly beings. Based on the brief character descriptions alone, Robinson seems to be the Dana Scully of the duo and Scott sounds like the Fox Mulder. 

The plot centers around the two as they are “hired by the Underground Investigative Service to look into the rampant ‘unexplained’ activity in Los Angeles — all while uncovering a larger mystery that could threaten the existence of the human race.”

Scott and Robinson previously worked together on last year’s critically panned box office bomb Hot Tub Time Machine 2, so hopefully this collaboration works out a bit better. 

In the past, both actors have proven to not only be great comedic actors, as Scott has starred in Step Brothers and Party Down and Robinson has had major roles in Pineapple Express and This is the End, but also talented dramatic actors. Robinson has recently been earning praise for his excellent turn as a loving father in Morris from America, while Scott has popped up in Krampus and Black Mass.

Source: Deadline

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