Agent Carter “Better Angels” Review

Agent Carter “Better Angels” Review by Kevin Morrison

Believing that Dr. Wilkes is not a Russian Communist and is innocent of all charges after his death, Peggy is on the case to prove it despite having no help from the SSR, who do not want to re-open closed cases or snoop around private clubs.

On top of all the great things Agent Carter gives us, such as a kick-ass female lead and playing around with the late 1940s, this week brings us the return of Howard Stark (aka Iron Man’s dad) and he is current working on making movies, which actually might offer some solutions to solving the zero matter.

Agent Carter

First off, Peggy continues to kick ass in this show. There are moments where she goes undercover and acts like a girly girl and you can tell she hates it. It’s fun to see her change so quickly from that to the awesome strong character she is and deal with the problems surrounding her. Hayley Atwell gives a fantastic performance and embraces every aspect of Peggy.

With the SSR not willing to prove Wilkes’ innocence, Peggy gets the help of Howard Stark who is more than welcome back. Being affected by the zero matter, Wilkes turns out to have been rendered invisible and Stark, having a new fascination with photography and lights, figures out a way to show him again. Seeing these showrunners play around with Hollywood history and reveal this secret is fun and exciting. Showing Stark as a movie director is hilarious as well and many in-jokes and fun with the time period ensues. But seeing him help Wilkes and get him to help fight again Whitney Frost, the actress/spy, shows a humanity to him that makes us like him, in similar ways as we like Tony Stark.

Agent Carter 2

On top of having a strong female hero, this series has strong female villains and this season’s villain seems to have revealed herself in Whitney Frost. She is a famous actress but no one knows her true identity trying to steal the zero matter for herself, which accidently getting infected by it. I like how they develop this character and continue to play around with the Hollywood aspect quite a bit. Whitney is a fine antagonist and I can’t wait to see where she goes in this series.

Agent Carter is an amazing show, playing around with history while giving us fun, great characters. It’s an awesome show and Season 2 continues all the fun!

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