Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere Review by Kevin Morrison

Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere “The Lady in the Lake”/ “A View in the Dark” Review

By Kevin ‘That Movie Nerd’ Morrison

Agent Carter is back, kicking ass with a double whammy night!

Agent Carter

After defeating soviet spies, losing a good agent and saving Howard Stark and his reputation, Peggy Carter is back to continue to prove to us why she is the toughest, most fearless female character on television right now. Picking up not soon after Season 1 left off, Peggy has re-found Dottie Underwood to continue the SSR’s fight against the soviets in 1947-only to immediately be put on another exciting case in LA.
With a new location, Peggy Carter and the show can find new things to explore and add on to both her character and the story. I like this idea a lot and I sense we are going to get a ton of great things this season that will still feel fresh and new despite being a second season. Jarvis, who works for Howard Stark after all, lives in LA and Daniel Sousa, a potential love interest from last season, is the head of the LA SSR division and that also is a smart way to bring back old characters while still giving them new dimension. It feels like a new chapter and all of it is fresh.

This time around, there is a new science the SSR can’t really explain in the first episode, “The Lady in the Lake”. It’s a type of ice that can enter people and instantly change their molecular structure. The ice is found at a place called Frozen Lake and no one knows exactly how it works. Meanwhile, last season’s villain Dottie is back in NYC and has plans of her own.

Agent Carter

With this, the first episode offers an interesting foil for Peggy and the SSR. No one knows how to solve this problem but there might be something more sinister happening right under their noses in the scientific realm. Trying to find out where this silent but deadly (and cold) killer has come from is smart and everything about this promises us that the show is still the Agent Carter we love while drawing it to more new, exciting directions.

The 2nd episode “A View in the Dark” opens with a nice banter and personal moment between Peggy and Jarvis, adding some good comic relief with these characters/ I very much liked this relationship and appreciated that they took the time to make Jarvis a real three-dimensional character rather than an Iron Man reference. Another character that I like is Sousa and they play around with Peggy’s romantic interest in him in smart and fun ways. It all adds to Peggy Carter’s amazing character. The show also blends comedy and action very well, making this a fun spin-off that plays around with its time period setting. It juggles a lot and succeeds in every area.

“A View in the Dark” continues the mystery of the icicles and the new toxic elements. There is some inside conspiracies going on but the true threat remains a secret, which I very much enjoy. They are keeping the real villain under wraps, unlike other shows on right now like Arrow where we already know the threat and the villain 100%. Maybe that is because this is only a 10-episode season (two more than last season), but it is very smart nonetheless.

A new character presents himself in Dr. Wilkes, who seems timid but passionate about his scientific work and very kind. I like this character very much and can’t wait to see what they do with him-and to see how important he will become in the future. His relationship with Peggy so far is very sweet (won’t say no more here!).
Agent Carter has returned in full force and does a great job of giving us what we love about the show while brining forth new things. There is a semi-sci-fi element they introduce in the 2nd episode, which can go either way. Right now I’m not sure if it belongs in a show like this, but it is very minor. For bringing back the most bad-ass female character on TV, Agent Carter earns its high marks.

Fun Notes (SPOILERS):
-I liked how the opening widens aspect ratios to enter the show, very smart. The filming techniques are done well.
-Hayley Atwell deserves some sort of award. Seriously.
-The black goop is a weird addition, but I’ll give it a chance. It just feels like it belongs more in a Hulk or Thor movie.
-I hope Dr. Wilkes comes back somehow, he was a good character and I liked him.



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