Andrew Dice Clay Wants Adrien Brody Back For Season 2

Andrew Dice Clay and Valerie Vasquez

Andrew Dice Clay and Valerie Vasquez. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

Andrew Dice Clay and his wife Valerie Vasquez were on a panel for the Fox reality series My Kitchen Rules at TCA. The Thursday, January 26 episode features Clay and Vasquez hosting a dinner party for Curtis Stone and Cat Cora. On the panel, Dice was gracious crediting Vasquez for her cooking and hosting skills. After the panel, I spoke to Dice and Vasquez about his Showtime series Dice, which Showtime announced would return for a second season this summer.

Dice is a fictional story of Dice’s Vegas years in which he plays himself. Celebrities like Adrien Brody played themselves too, and did a dead on Dice impression. I also asked Dice about his time on The Celebrity Apprentice and thoughts on our new President Donald Trump. My Kitchen Rules airs Thursdays at 9PM on Fox.

What’s coming up for season two of Dice?

Andrew Dice Clay: It’s being written now. We start shooting in March. I’m excited that there is a season two. People really seem to love the show.

The best was when Adrien Brody played Dice.

ADC: I was texting with him last night. I want him again. Working with him, I know it sounds like a cliche thing, but when you work with somebody that’s an Academy Award winner, it just brings your level of acting up. Just like when I worked with Woody or Scorsese, you’ve got to be on your game, because Adrien was prepared.

Did he spend time studying you?

ADC: No. I guess he did it before he ever showed up on set because once he turned into Dice, he was Dice. It would almost get to the point where I couldn’t take it, because he doesn’t lose it. He’s a method actor. He’s unreal.

Is your relationship really like it is with Natasha Leggero on the show?

ADC: The show is a hybrid of my reality. I talk to the writers a lot obviously and I tell them things that go on. In their way, they write the show. We have great writers on the show.

Valerie Vasquez: The costumers on the show were like, “We were going to try to make her dress like you but we toned it down.” I was like, “Oh, how do I dress?”

Andrew Dice Clay

CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

ADC: See, I don’t agree with that. I like it all out.

Will season two be more than six episodes?

ADC: It’s seven episodes this year.

VV: I’m actually the hair stylist on that show.

ADC: Does my makeup, she does my hair. That’s how she started.

VV: That’s really what I do. This is all new to me.

On The Celebrity Apprentice, you spent more time with Donald Trump than any of us. What do you think the next four years are going to be like?

ADC: I never ever get involved in political conversations. You’re never going to win. All I say, because he did become President, is no matter what, I always say we are the United States. That’s how I feel people should be whether it was Hillary or Trump, we all need to really be together. There is no win in dividing. I’m just hoping for the best.

Did you vote for him?

ADC: This is what I don’t talk about, but I will say just because I’m friendly with him and I know him for years does not mean I did vote for him. I was amazed at what went on through the whole campaign, I didn’t like a lot of the campaign which a lot of people didn’t like.

Since Dice is your vision, your voice, does it feel good that it got a good response?

ADC: When you hear people compare it to shows like Louie and Curb, I know we’re doing a great job because those are two of my favorite comedies. I really don’t watch a lot of comedy. What do I like? I like thrillers, action.

VV: Action, drama.

ADC: Denzel movies like Fences. Because I’m always doing comedy. But Larry David would kill me. Seinfeld episodes kill me and Curb kills me. When they started comparing us to Curb, that’s great because Larry David’s great.

Andrew Dice Clay and Valerie Vasquez

“Andrew Dice Clay Hosts Dinner” episode of MY KITCHEN RULES airing Thursday, Jan. 26 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Becker/FOX

Did you pick up any kitchen skills doing My Kitchen Rules?

ADC: I really did when it comes to slicing things, taking things out of food that don’t need to be in the food. Valerie would almost demand, “You have to at least learn this,” whatever it might be or else we won’t be able to finish on time.

Were there more similarities or differences between My Kitchen Rules and other reality shows you’ve appeared on?

ADC: With Apprentice I got fired the first episode so there’s nothing to really compare. Well, I lasted more than one episode. Donald was firing me through the first episode which I couldn’t wait for because they wake you at 5 in the morning. I go to sleep at 4. I didn’t realize that it was that kind of schedule.

VV: You know what else is funny? With this, because everybody is competing, we get to go past the first episode. Everyone’s on the first few. That’s what’s kind of cool. We got to sit back and kind of wait. You don’t know what happens right away in the first few episodes.

Andrew Dice Clay and Valerie Vasquez

MY KITCHEN RULES: L-R: Curtis Stone, Cat Cora, Andrew Dice Clay and Larry Strickland in the “Andrew Dice Clay Hosts Dinner” episode of MY KITCHEN RULES airing Thursday, Jan. 26 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Becker/FOX

Was this someone knew for Valerie to be more in the spotlight?

VV: This is 100% new for me. I’m a behind the scenes girl so it was kind of scary for me but I adapted to it and I’ve embraced it recently.

ADC: You know, I’m a guy that likes to film my whole life. I was really doing it a lot when tapes were sill around, like DV tapes. So when me and Valerie met and I’d want to film her doing something, I know she’s beautiful, sexy, but she’s got a very shy [side]. Her family actually has a very shy side to themselves. She’d look away, “I’m not used to being filmed.” When this came up, I was like this is a great opportunity, not just for us to do something as a couple but for you. Just to compete in something like this, it made me very, very proud of her.

Your book ended in 2000. Could there be another book about the next 20 years?

ADC: Only if I’m the absolute writer on it. David Ritz who is a great writer, still when you work with somebody, they put their creative input. I’m the type of guy who likes it exact but I purposely ended the book in the year 2000 because there’s another 17 years so maybe there’s another book.

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