Arrow – “Beacon of Hope” Review

Bee-otch, please.

I’m going to try to make this one brief because I really want to move on from this episode. And yes, WARNING, spoilers might be mentioned.

Soooo, in this episode, Team Arrow faced off with a crazy lady who was able to control robotic bees. Yup, you read that right. That lady being Brie Larvan aka the Bug-Eyed Bandit, played by Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead) who previously appeared on an episode of The Flash entitled “All-Star Team Up”, which was kind of a crossover episode that featured Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer. In all honesty, I don’t remember her at all. That just goes to show you how forgettable that character is. Anyway, she’s back, wrecking havoc with mechanical bees because she heard about the chip implant that was inserted into Felicity’s spine that allowed her to walk again. Brie later reveals she has a tumor in her spine, and removing it surgically will result in her being paralyzed. So her plan was to threaten Palmer Tech Industries with killer bees and bad bee puns so they’ll give her the blueprints to the new technology. While Felicity tries to outwit Brie, she’s trapped in the building along with her mother, Donna and Thea.

arrow -beacon-of-hope-emily-kinney

Oliver, still bitter about the breakup with Felicity, tries to lead the rest of the team to save everyone in the Palmer Tech building. They receive a new allie when Curtis Holt seeks help from The Green Arrow. He easily finds his way into the bunker – allowing Lance to have a funny moment as he questions the security measures of the bunker – and proceeds to geek out as he realizes Oliver is the man in the hood. With Curtis behind the keyboard, the team attempt to stop Brie and her bees, but when formed together, the bees are able to become a powerful bodyguard… Yeah… Oliver is stung, so the team take him back to the bunker to take care of his injury. A bee was actually injected into Oliver and begins to replicate itself. The only way to stop it is to have Black Canary’s yell send a shockwave to deactivate its frequency. Yup, this happened. Team Arrow tries again, Curtis is able to hack the bees, they attack Brie, causing her to go into a coma. Curtis, um, you might have just doomed the girl. Um… good to have you on the team?

Elsewhere, Damien Darhk is stuck in prison, pending trial. He still hasn’t gotten his powers back, so he gets jumped by three goons, and that’s after Malcolm Merlyn pays him a visit to torment him as he proceeds to forward his position in HIVE. That’s pretty much it for that subplot.

Now believe it or not, the flashback was actually more entertaining than the main plot. Funny thing is, each flashback segment was so brief, it could have all been in one scene. They’re really stretching this thing out. Anyway, Oliver tries to take down Reiter, but the idol has granted him limited power, making it tough for Oliver to kill him. Reiter escapes in the tunnels… again.

arrow beacon of hope bee man

It’s funny that this episode is called “Beacon of Hope” because this episode is an unfortunate example of how this show may be running its course. I don’t like saying that, I love this show, but season four has been testing the fans, I’m sure. I usually have to defend this show, but episodes like this make it hard. Clearly, this was all filler. While it continued with the theme of Oliver and Felicity trying to move on from their breakup, this episode could have been missed, and I think I would have been able to put the pieces together from episode 16 and 18. Everything was just so goofy. It was over-the-top camp, with most of the jokes missing the mark. Curtis was over the top, and I was annoyed by him. While I get that he was nervous and geeking out, one has to toughen up and show a little maturity when helping people risking their lives to stop crime, in my opinion. Plus, wasn’t he sick in the beginning of the episode? Once he got down to the bunker, he showed no signs of sickness. Brie was not an interesting villain at all. She was about as threatening as the campy villains of the 60’s Batman series. There was also a huge lack of action and excitement, the very thing I wait all week to see in an Arrow episode.

The only thing that makes me not hate this episode, is the fact that I simply love these characters, and they had some fun tongue -and-cheek moments. There were also moments where I understood why Felicity wanted to move on after leaving the team, and possibly doing some good through Palmer Tech. I’d still prefer her as Overwatch, but we’ll have to wait and see if she returns to the bunker later in the series. So, let’s move on from this episode, and hope the next one is more exciting and less campy.

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