Arrow “Beyond Redemption” Review


Arrow “Beyond Redemption” Review: Welcome to the Arrow Cave

New Hideout, New Plan, New Game. This week’s Arrow once again draws us in with what we like about the show in the first place: these characters working together to save Star City. And how they do that in this episode is announce Oliver’s intention to run for mayor, finally (and I mean FINALLY) have Oliver and Diggle make-up and just do their thing, and Laurel’s secret with her sister Sara.

We are starting to get a feel for this season and what the themes are: loss and resurrection. In this episode alone we have a dual theme of loss and remembrance, thanks to Laurel’s story of resurrecting Sara and Felicity’s hesitation to hear Palmer’s voice again, even though he left behind some important information. This works well throughout the episode and much of what happens, especially with Team Arrow working together again, has to do with rebuilding the past to better the future.

On top of this, Oliver finds out Detective Lance’s secret that he is working for Damien Dahrk. Again, Lance is going back to his past because of his intent to fix the city and better tomorrow, even if that means doing some shady things. This story is what really makes the episode, as we have Oliver and Lance talking to one another about what it is that influenced the other one. Oliver says he always wanted to prove himself as the man Lance always said he knew he could be, while Lance admits that Oliver has influenced him to do things he’d never thought of before, bringing a sense of disappointment that he would be doing dealings with Dahrk, but redeems him by giving him a better reason to do so. It’s a great relationship that really brings out the emotional core that I felt was lacking this season.

Arrow is picking up the slack that Season 3 had and is bringing us back to what made the show good in the first place. I like this emotional core between the main heroes, but I wish they could do that same with the villains (Dahrk is still very uninteresting). It’s the best episode of the season yet, but there’s still some work to be done.
Grade: B+

Fun Notes (SPOILERS!):

-When does Constantine show up? I know he’s coming!
-Loving the hideout, it reminds me of the Bat Cave. The costume cases are a nice touch.
-I like the mayor story. It feels very relevant with what is going on today. Very interested in seeing how it’s gonna go.

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