Arrow – “Broken Hearts” Review

While Darhk is in Court, Cupid is trying to end love.

WARNING: Spoilers are within these words below.

Well, that was a long three weeks, wasn’t it? Yup, that’s the problem with watching TV shows as they air. You have to deal with annoying hiatuses every so often. So what did this week’s Arrow have for us after a nearly month wait?

Crazy lady, Cupid is back and on the loose, killing off engaged celebrity couples. Her excuse for putting arrows in people’s hearts is because she lost two men she was in love with, so she wanted to show the world “love is death”. Cupid has never been a very intriguing villain in the show. She’s just simply crazy and arguably annoying. Seeing the character resurface wasn’t a high point in the episode. Her takedown was a little more interesting. More on that later.

arrow - broken hearts Cupid

Laurel took a break from wearing her Black Canary outfit this week, in favor of court appropriate attire as she spent her time trying to prosecute Damien Darhk at his preliminary hearing following his arrest after he lost his powers. Lance ended up being the strongest case against Dahrk. Even though it meant risking his life and career, he decided to take to the witness stand and testify against Darhk, revealing all the misdeeds he did to aid HIVE. Sure enough, Lance was suspended upon investigation. The judge decided the case would go to trial. So yeah, we got some courtroom drama in this episode, which was actually more interesting than the main plot of taking down Cupid. Even though the court dialogue and events felt a little too TV-ish, it gave the episode an intriguing push, and it was a nice change of pace than what we’re used to seeing on Arrow. Although Darhk doesn’t say a word throughout the episode, his arrogant grins are fun to watch. Once he is locked up in his jail cell and reveals he has his magical ring back, he breaks the fourth-wall by giving us a great, sinister grin, letting us know, he’s got some bad intentions planned.

For any Ollicty haters out there, this might be the episode you’ve been hoping for. I do not share your enthusiasm though. (Sigh)… Felicity is walking again, yay. The sight of her walking makes me happy, but her trying to move on and insist her romantic relationship with Ollie is over, is really upsetting. Look, I get it, he kept having a son a secret, but come on, yo. With all the crazy sh*t y’all been though, you’re just gonna end it here, but still try to continue being part of Team Arrow? Oh, wait, yeah, you decided to walk away from that too. Uuuurrrggghhh! The whole episode, Felicity had a cynical chip on her shoulder, until Ollie and the team decided to take down Cupid with a fake wedding between him and Felicity. Before Cupid crashed the wedding, Oliver spoke his vows to Felicity, telling her how much he really loved her, promising there would be no more lies. It made Felicity realize how important she was to him, and how much he was willing to fight for her to take him back. Once Cupid showed up, Felicity talked her down, explaining that despite Cupid’s best efforts to destroy love, it will never die. Thennnn, Diggle and Speedy showed up to quick Cupid’s ass. Thus ended her devious plot. Once Ollie and Felicity return to Team Arrow’s HQ, that’s when she tells him that she does love him, but it’s over for good. Also, she’s quitting the team because it’s too hard for her to work alongside him. I for one do not like this outcome because it follows a stream of events where no one seems to trust Oliver. No one really understands all that he’s sacrificed, lost and endured. He had his back against the wall with this kid situation, and maybe he should have told Felicity his dilemma, but he didn’t. Big deal. Get over it. Work at fixing the relationship, dammit.

arrow fake wedding

In flashback land, I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. Reiter and his men have Oliver and Taiana walking in the cave they discovered. They find a mystical idol. Its power is triggered, and once Oliver has the upper hand, he steals the idol, and he and Taiana try to evade Reiter.

This week’s episode was rather average. It was light on action, but heavy on court and relationship drama. Cupid’s arch has gotten any better, and even though she was murdering people in a very cruel way, she didn’t seem very threatening. The court sequences were good. The Ollicity issues did not reach a satisfying conclusion, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement, so (figures crossed) here’s hoping, Ollicity shippers.

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