Arrow “Dark Waters” Review : Terrorism Strikes Star City (Again)

Arrow “Dark Waters” Review : Terrorism Strikes Star City (Again)


Oliver Queen outs Damien Darhk after a droid attack on his campaign and he plots his revenge this week on Arrow, with a very current and timely subject matter. Having Arrow deal with subjects like shootings and terror acts is very effective and adds to the present themes and ideas of the show and seeing Darhk act this way is great. Season 4 is really bringing Arrow back to the great things that make us interested in it and this is a VERY good thing.

Darhk’s threat is so big that the show needs to pull out all the stops; not only is Oliver fighting against him but he needs the support and guidance of both Malcolm Merlyn and Detective Lance, as both enter the Arrowcave to talk things over. Seeing this and the attacks by Damien really adds to his threat and finally he seems intimidating, especially since he is an enemy of the League of Shadows as well. He is a real threat now instead of just another villain.


The side internal story has to do with Felicity Smoak discovering the engagement ring Oliver bought to pop the question with, asking him why he never asked-and then being captured by Darhk right afterwards (along with Diggle and Thea). Again adding to the menace of Darhk, this internal conflict adds to the relationship between Oliver and Felicity, which has had its up and downs in the writing and way it has gone. Sometimes is well done, other times is awfully annoying, but luckily here it is well done and this story works (though I do remain in the camp for them to break up and have Oliver move on to new personal threats). The threat here is good, especially now that it’s hurting him personally.

My favorite part of the series has been Katie Cassidy as Black Canary and her journey to take over her sister’s persona. Though this season has been a bit downhill in this area, this episode has her kicking ass and helping Oliver on a more intimate level, something I very much enjoyed. It’s always great to see Laurel develop as in many ways she has changed the most since the beginning of the series.

So far, Season 4 has had some downs but overall it’s been pretty solid. I must applaud the action in this season as well, they’re really stepping up their game to create something exciting and engaging through the fights (possibly after Marvel’s Daredevil showed them how good it can really be done). After all this, I am intrigued and want to see what happens in the second half of the season next year.

Grade: B+

Fun Notes (SPOILERS):
-I wonder what is up with Diggle’s brother. There’s something interesting and I want to know what’s gonna happen to him.

-Is it bad that I kinda hope Felicity is actually dead? Also, the ending reminded me a ton of the ending to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service-must have been an inspiration.


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