Arrow “Haunted” Review

Arrow “Haunted” Review: Who ya gonna call? Constantine.

Arrow Haunted

The resurrection of Sara Lance has proven to be a problem in Star City and only one person can help. No it’s not Oliver Queen, but rather Constantine, fresh off of his cancelled series on NBC.

What sounds like a desperate attempt to revive a dead series actually is a really smart way to add the character into the series. Matt Ryan does a great job as John Constantine and not only is he here to help Sara Lance, they also add him to Oliver Queen’s backstory in the 5 years on the island, both of which are equally interesting. I liked this a lot because it strengthens Arrow instead of asking us to revive a totally different show. His character (who I now am meeting, having never seen the Constantine show) is fascinating and really adds to the series. I hope to see him again.

The whole episode lives in the theme of past mistakes coming back to haunt our main characters, but here there is more of an emphasis of Thea and Laurel rather than Oliver. Laurel wants her sister back and has to deal with the consequences of her actions, as well as questions her place in Team Arrow thanks to these new events. Laurel’s character arc is just on fire and she’s become my favorite character.

Meanwhile, Thea’s haunting comes from her second chance at life after the Lazarus pit and what she had to go through to become better today. This is a great duality with what Sara is going through and her struggle, still unsure of what happened to her and only knows that she wants to kill Thea-because back in Season 3, Thea killed Sara under Malcolm Merlyn’s brainwashing. Again, past mistakes are coming back to haunt our heroes.

It should be obvious that by the end of this episode, Sara Lance (as in the REAL Sara Lance) is back and it’s nice to see her again. I don’t really know how much she is gonna do in this series, as Legends of Tomorrow is awaiting her in the near future, but it is cool to see her back and it undoes a ton of the horrible stories Season 3 made us sit through. Arrow is coming back and thankfully, it’s coming back sooner than later. We’re getting a good show again and a show where-after so many episodes-I’m actually once again interested in finding out what happens.

Grade: B+

Fun Notes (SPOILERS):

-“You know, if I knew you were surrounded by so many beautiful women, Oliver, I would have stopped by a lot sooner.” Yeah, Constantine, me too.

-Going into the mythical world was really, REALLY cool! I enjoyed that a ton.

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