Arrow Lost Souls Review by Kevin Morrison

Arrow Lost Souls Review by Kevin Morrison : The Atom has returned!

Felicity has uncovered a message from Ray Palmer, ensuring her and us that he isn’t dead, leading to this week’s episode! Recovering people of the past seem to be a theme this season, as not only is finding Ray the plot of this episode, but we also get to see what life is like for Sara Lance now that she is fully back.

ray palmer

Ray is stuck in his shrunken state and is captured by Damien Dahrk and it’s up to Team Arrow to get him out of there. This causes Felicity to go a bit crazy (okay, a LOT crazy) trying to save him and get him away from danger, while also making Oliver question whether or not Felicity made the right choice being with him-or whether or not he was the only choice. It’s nice to see Ray again and to see the Atom back, but I am not sure how much good that is doing for this show as he and Sara are going to be in Legends of Tomorrow. It seems like the genesis for these stories is to set-up for that other show. Nevertheless, these stories are told very well and the idea of Ray being stuck underneath and small glass box is smart.

Meanwhile, the comic relief of the series comes back as Felicity’s mother makes a visit, due to Oliver’s request. This has the opposite effect on Felicity and stresses her out even more. It’s fun to see her mother back and it’s really funny to see the Green Arrow fight with his girlfriend while out on the field in action, that is clever. The writers seem to have come up with new ways to blend the comedic moments and the action and this season has been a much better blend than Season 3 was.

arrow Sara and Laurel

Sara, meanwhile, has returned as another Canary out on the field with Team Arrow and her issues do enter with that decision. She tends to be more violent, but she is definitely herself and seeing her back with the team and help rescue Ray is great. The problem is it all feels very rushed, as this episode has a ton of things to get through presumably for future episodes. Her story could have been explored more this week, but I have no doubt she will get more of a focus as the first half of this season goes along.

The return of Ray, Felcity’s issues, Sara’s (violent) tendencies-this all feels like build-up to something fascinating and interesting. Arrow Season 4 has been very good so far, but I am worried about what will happen when Legends of Tomorrow starts and if all the great things about this season will go with that show. Nevertheless, Arrow is strong and is showing its strengths very well.
Grade: B

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