Arrow Season 4 Premiere “Green Arrow” Review By Kevin Morrison

Season 3 Failed This City. Season 4’s Got A Lot Of Cleaning Up To Do.

After a disappointing and painfully predictable second half of a third season, Arrow is back and Oliver Queen is pulled back once again to be the Green Arrow of Starling City because…well, if he didn’t, there would be no show.



Starling City has been protected by the Black Carney, Diggle and the Red Arrow (now played by Thea) until a new terrorist group dubbed the “Ghosts” are attacking, proving to them that they need now retired Oliver Queen and Felicity (now in LA, almost ready for marriage).


For an opener to a new season, this was pretty solid. It’s back to basics for the show, which is a very good thing. Season 2 was the best the show had to offer and it stumbled in Season 3, so going back to what made us like the show is both smart and the right move. The main villain in this episode (and most likely the rest of this season) is a metahuman named Damien Darhk and he is threatening. I hope we get to learn more about him as the season goes on and he’s as interesting as he is dangerous. Now, there are still a few things thanks to last season that require some dragging time (Diggle doesn’t trust Arrow 100%-yeah, okay, how long until he does?), but this episode shows us there is still some good stuff in store.

The other fun is continuing to find out what happened during Oliver’s 5 years away and, being Season 4, we find out what happened during Oliver’s 4th year away. Amanda Waller continues to be mysterious and we continue to see Oliver’s development into the Green Arrow. It’s interesting to see him then vs. now and the differences; it’s almost like we’re seeing two different characters.

The Season 4 premiere was good and hopefully is a sign that the show is going to get better and better. I hope they don’t take huge steps backwards towards Batman territory like last year and while I don’t see that happening again, it’s always a possibility. Great action and the characters we all know and like make this a solid season opener.

Grade: B

Fun Notes:

-LOVE the new suit! Best yet, really neat to see in action.

-The moment where the Black Canary winks at the young kid was great. It’s a reminder of why we love superheroes.

-Calling it now: Olicity is going to break up for good. I don’t see them getting married.
-The hell is Lance doing with H.I.V.E.?!
-Grant Gustin’s cameo at the end was a very nice touch. Who died? We’ll have to see.

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