Arrow “The Candidate” Review By Kevin ‘That Movie Nerd’ Morrison

H.I.V.E. and the ghosts continue to attack Star City and there are some problems within Team Arrow that need attention this week on Arrow! Minor Spoilers Below!

The series is getting back to form thanks to some really interesting happenings. Team Arrow is still fighting the ghosts, this time one in particular named Anarky. Anarky is a part of Darhk’s team, but likes to go off the book when he kidnaps new character Jessica Danforth’s daughter. Danforth, an old friend of Moira Queen, has announced her intention to run for mayor, a spot left vacant since the ghosts kill anyone who could get that spot.

Anarky provides us with a better idea of who Darhk and H.I.V.E. is and makes this season a bit more interesting. Seeing that Darhk has a code of ethics makes him more intriguing. I hope there’s a good back-story on him coming. It would be great to see everything that’s being built up in his character face off against Oliver.


Meanwhile, Thea is having some problems of her own, becoming more aggressive and losing who she is, potentially thanks to her trip into the Lazarus Pit, a place she may have to go back to in order to solve her issues.  She’s in danger and this plotline strengthens the relationship between her and Oliver. Thea has really grown over the years and to see her suffer like this is really heart wrenching. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for her and this story as it was the heart of this episode-a heart that beat strongly.

Lastly, Felicity has become more central as the new head of Palmer Industries, having to lay off many employees. One of which is Curtis Holt, who is a fantastic addition to this season. He and Felicity seem to share brain waves as she comes up with a way to save his job and the jobs of everyone else-where this will go is a door left open. Unlike Danforth, whom I already forgot about, he stands out and has a character all his own. I can’t wait to see what this series does with it, I hope he gets more development.

This is another good episode of Arrow, but there is not much to say except for speculation as to where this season is going. There’s a bit of repetitiveness going on (how many times does Oliver have to “do things differently”?), but there are still new things to make the show interesting. The ending got me really excited especially and I can’t wait for next week (where I know we will have LOADS more to discuss!), but until this Team Arrow is back and running-and running they surly are.

Grade: B

-Detective Lance is got to be a spy. I don’t buy him going rouge, something’s up there.

-Welcome back Sara Lance! I expect Constantine to make an appearance next week and resurrect her (which, btw, makes most of Season 3 worthless. Boy, I hope someone gives her a hard time).

-“Uh…I take self defense classes!”-HA! Always good to have another “I’m not Arrow” joke, it’s been too long.

-Oliver’s back-story is becoming more and more fascinating. Who is he working for on the Island?

-Mayor Oliver ‘Green Arrow’ Queen. I like the sound of that!
-Whoever’s funeral will happen at the end of this season, I’ve narrowed it down to either Felicity or Thea. Felicity because it would hurt Oliver and his word, Thea because of her issues after the Lazarus Pit. Only time will tell which one (or neither, maybe I’m wrong, who knows…).


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