Ashley Gerasimovich on The Detour Season 3

Ashley Gerasimovich discusses The Detour Season 3

The Detour is one of my favorite comedy series on television right now. I am so glad that after the first season more people picked up on the show and became aware of the series. The Parkers reminds me a lot of the Griswolds which makes me happy as I miss the Vacation film series so much. I will admit that The Detour is a lot raunchier than those films but what happens on the show is nothing short of hilarious. Being a huge fan, I was delighted to learn that the show got picked up for a third season.

The Detour season two ended on one hell of a cliffhanger so I am glad that it back for another season so I didn’t have to create my own ending in my mind. After learning about its renewal, I was lucky enough to talk with Ashley Gerasimovich who plays Nate and Robin’s daughter Delilah on the show. Just like myself, she was thrilled to be back for another season and gave me some inside scoops about this new season as well as some of the other things that she adored about being part of the series so far.

Scott: Hello Ashley.

Ashley: Hello Scott!

Scott: How are you?

Ashley: I’m good, how are you?

Scott: I am doing great, thank you for asking.  How excited are you that you’re getting another season?

Ashley: I am so stoked. From the first day I heard it, there has been is so much excitement going on. I’m just so happy that it got picked up again.

Scott: Yeah, I’m pumped for it too. I’m so excited myself. I love the show.

Ashley: That’s so great to hear.

Scott: So since you first got your role on The Detour, how has it changed over the last two seasons going into the third?

Ashley: Well, I got the job when I was ten years old. That’s when I filmed the pilot. It’s been three years since I’ve had this. When I first got it, I barely got half the jokes. I’m reading the script like I’ll just do it. Now, that I’m 13 and I’ve been working on the show for such a long time, I get it. I get it all now.

Scott: How did your parents react to you being on a show with so much adult content?

Ashley: Well they were surprisingly cool about it. They all knew that it was just filming and we were all good. Mom and I have some pretty frank talks once in a while. I asked her something about the script, and she’s like, let’s sit down.

Scott: What’s it like working alongside Jason Jones and Natalie Zea?

Ashley: They’re so cool. I just have to say it. They’re so cool. Over the three seasons that we’ve worked together they kinda felt more and more like second parents almost. Like that cool aunt and uncle that will let you get away with virtually anything. Like I used to stay with them at summer home sometimes. You get what I’m saying? They’re like that. They’re just really cool like that.

Scott: That’s awesome. Do you feel like you learned anything from them?

Ashley: Oh yes. So much. To be honest, especially Natalie Zea. She’s such a good actress and she’s really easy to work with. I’ve gotten so many tips I picked up from her in how she delivered her lines and stuff.

Scott: That’s awesome. You are so excited. It’s so great to be able to talk to someone who actually sounds excited about their job. A lot of people are just kind of like, yeah, you know. I do that show. That’s it. So it’s awesome that you’re so excited about it. Don’t lose that ever. You always have to be this excited.

Ashley: I will always be this excited. Whoo.

Scott: Okay. So out of all the things that you’ve done with The Detour with season one, season two, and season three, tell me your favorite moment from each season.

Ashley: Alright, alright. There are so many favorite things. So I think my favorite from season one has to be the pilot. I mean it was two weeks and it was all so fun. I mean the overall plot, not that I’m looking back at it in my ten-year-old innocent self, I didn’t know anything about what was going on. But now I do. So it was really fun.

Season two I’d have to say, in my princess ninja starfish which was such a weird costume. It’s fun being weird. That song, all that. Yes. And season three finally, if you haven’t seen in a couple of the trailers, there’s alpacas. And they were so cute and so fun to work with. I gave them several hugs.

Scott: I adore animals too. Thinking back on season one into season two, don’t you feel like the raunchiness level has kind of changed? I feel like from season one to season two it got so much more raunchy.

Ashley: I do believe so as well because I’m watching back on season one and season two and I’m seeing, oh yeah, they just wanted to see what they could get away with in season two, to be perfectly honest. And they got away with everything that they wrote down, I think. I’m not sure because I’m not in the editing room. Season three kind of reminds me of season one in a way. And in my opinion, it is by far the best season. If you liked season one and season two, pack your bags and get ready, because season three is gonna blow ’em both outta the water.

Scott: Oh my. You are really building up the hype. They should hire you to put out the promos for all the reasons why you should watch this show.

Ashley: Yep, that’s basically true.

Scott: At the end of season two, the viewer is left up in the air not knowing whether or not another season will be happening. Are you excited when you get the call for another season pick up? And what’s that feeling like in between the ending of one season and waiting for that renewal call? How do you feel?

Ashley: When I find out that a new season is picked up and I get to go back to my second family, for a whole another summer, and film a whole new part of the show that keeps leaving you on a cliff hanger, and it leaves me on a cliff hanger as much as it leaves you guys, because I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, just as much as you guys don’t. So going back and doing that is all so exciting. I sound excited now, just amplify that by a thousand when I get the phone call that the show is coming back.

Scott: I know you can’t tell me too much about the new season but can you disclose the plot a bit?

Ashley: Well, as you may have seen, they’re on the run in Alaska, and they’re going to get into a lot of zany adventures there. The plot thickens and the episodes get a lot funnier in my opinion. If that’s even possible which it is. And there’s a couple of big plot twists at the end. One of them involving Delilah, so you might wanna stay tuned. It’s really exciting. I’m just so excited for you to see it. I know what’s gonna happen and I can’t wait for you to find out.

Scott: So the first season, was all about mom, and the second was all about dad. Now is the third season going to be more about Delilah and Jared?

Ashley: Absolutely. They show has already covered the plots of Jason and Natalie, they’ve covered the plots of Nate and Robin, yeah. I think now the perspective has changed to be even more focused on the kids. Maybe even a bit more towards my character because of the big thing at the end, and all the things that the show has been building up to. So, yes it will be more about Delilah and Jared this time.

Scott: You’ve done some other television shows and a few movies here and there. What is the difference between working on a tv show vs a movie?

Ashley: Well this is the first thing where I’ve been coming back season after season after season. And I have to say that it is a bit different than movies because movies are usually a one time deal. You film it, it’s a bit longer sure, the filming period’s a bit longer, but it’s a one time deal. After you wrap you say goodbye and it’s done, and you air it and you hope it gets into movie theaters and stuff. For TV shows, there’s a chance that it’ll keep coming back. And The Detour did. It came back for three whole seasons. And for movies, you already know everything that’s going to happen in the script. For TV shows you get the script for each episode, one by one. So it’s kind of like reading a book where it leaves you with a cliffhanger for each chapter, while movies are just the whole book in one. You get what I’m saying?

Scott: Yeah, yeah. No totally. So it seems like there’s been this shift now. I feel like a lot more people enjoy working on television shows a little bit more than movies now it seems like. Because there’s constantly surprising. You know surprises, it’s never-ending. You never know when it’s gonna end. So it’s like if it ends on a cliffhanger you hope you get onto next season. And then you just continue building on a story. So it’s awesome that you’re part of this.

Ashley: Yes, I’m so happy. Whoo.

Scott: You’ve worked with a lot of amazing people over the years. Is there’s someone who you dream of working with, whether it’s a director or an actor, someone you really would love, and give everything up for? Like this could be your final performance and you have one final role, who would you wanna work with? Who would that be?

Ashley: Who would I wanna work with? There’s so many out there. If there was someone I think it would actually be Hugh Jackman because my little sister was in the movie Prisoners with him, and I heard so many great things about him. And he’s Wolverine. That just clenches the deal. I would just really love to work with him one day. That would be amazing.

Scott: That’s awesome. Yeah, did you see Greatest Showman yet?

Ashley: No, I didn’t, but I saw a trailer for it this morning, and I’m like well, that’s the next on my movie list. I’m going to see it. Packing my bags to go see it.

Scott: My last question so I can let you go because I know you’re probably busy. If someone has never watched The Detour, why should they watch it?

Ashley: There are too many reasons to name. The show is incredibly hilarious. That’s first and foremost. Incredibly hilarious. And second, the Parkers are always a hot mess and I think everyone can relate to them on some level. I personally can relate to them on a spiritual level. And I really think that this comedy has an overarching plot, and that’s pretty rare among comedies. Like if you go episode by episode, this take, this like … You have to watch it from the beginning in order to understand what’s going on. That’s usually more common in dramas, so I’m really happy I’m working in such an awesome show. It’s really, really interesting, the whole idea of the show. How this dysfunctional family can still stick together throughout everything that they’ve been through. I just, I love it with all my heart, and I just love it so much.

Scott:  Awe, you can tell you love it. I love your energy. Like I said, don’t lose it. I’ll keep watching and hopefully, I’ll talk to you again next year, right?

Ashley: Yes, hopefully. That would be awesome.

Scott: Yeah, so you have a wonderful day. Take care. Thank you so much for taking some time to talk to me today.

Ashley: No problem. Thank you so much. Good luck to you too. Whoo.

The Detour airs on TBS every Tuesday evening at 10:30 pm EST and PST or 9:30 pm central time

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