San Diego Comic Con Roundtable: Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart on Riverdale Season 2

Betty and Veronica have been the dream girls of young boys throughout the history of Archie Comics. Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes are this generation’s live-action Betty and Veronica on The CW’s Riverdale. We sat with the ladies at San Diego Comic-Con to hear about their season 2 love lives.

Q: What does it mean to be brazen to you?

Camila Mendes: Give us the dictionary definition. Outgoing, outpoken. Oh, well, Veronica’s incredibly outspoken. I don’t think VEronica is capable of not being outspoken.

Lili Reinhart: I don’t know, being strong, being bold.

Camila Mendes: Not taking shit. Not letting people walk all over you. Standing up for yourself and speaking up when you feel like something’s wrong.

Lili Reinhart:  I think a lot of women think the second they stand up for themselves, they’re a bitch and that’s so not true. that’s a very old way of looking at things and I think it’s a matter of ignoring them and to act out of love for yourself rather than fear what people will think.

Q: Are we going to see a darker Betty?

Lili Reinhart: You know, honestly season two I feel like is less of a dark Betty situation and more of a tortured soul Betty, for very different reasons. I think in season one, her darkness came from her anxiety being built up and suppressing it because her mom wasn’t acknowledging it and just her environment. Season two is more of a not so much anxiety, but her circumstances overwhelm her. Gosh, I can’t say much but the mystery i season two really takes its toll and is centered on Betty.

Q: Is it like that for Veronica because of her dad?

Camila Mendes: Oh my gosh, her dad, first of all I love Mark Consuelos. He is blending into the family so well. What’s really terrifying is Hermione and Mike together. They are like Frank and Claire Underwood in season two. At first Veronica is suspicious, and then at one point she tries to be a part of it. She’s like, “Involve me. Let’s keep an open relationship so that we all know what’s going on. I want to be in on this.” But they’re keeping that wall and Veronica is trying to break it down and it’s not really working for her.

Q: What does it mean to have Jughead on the other side of town?

Lili Reinhart: Season two in general is kind of like a split between the north side and south side so obviously that’s going to affect Betty and Jughead’s relationship. Seeing as he’s going to a different high school now, it’s not a long distance relationship but them being at separate schools at such a young age and going through such completely different family drama and everyday circumstances, it takes its toll on them. It becomes a Romeo and Juliet situation. Just pray for Jughead.

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