It’s a ‘Community’ Reunion in New ‘Joel McHale’ Talk Show Trailer

It’s a ‘Community’ Reunion in New ‘Joel McHale’ Talk Show Trailer

Aw, it’s great to see some old familiar Community faces! In a tease for The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale on Netflix, Joel McHale reunites with his former co-stars Allison Brie and Jim Rash.

While at the Netflix offices in Hollywood, the teaser shows McHale at the coffee bar (it’s real, folks, I’ve been there). He goes up and orders “a cortado with extra cottage cheese,” and there is Brie, who, of course, also has her own superb Netflix show, Glow.

McHale doesn’t really recognize her, naturally. Then Rash pops up, “Rash in da house!” He hosts Beyond Stranger Things on Netflix, which dissects that excellent series, but also apparently works at the coffee bar. Rash sure does want to put together a Community spin-off show, starring him as the dean. They both ignore him. As McHale leaves, telling “Gillian” (that would be Gillian Jacobs, their other Community co-star) congrats on her show Love, Brie muses, “F**k, I miss Chevy.”

I think my favorite part of this trailer is every time they say the name of their Netflix show, that little Netflix sound effect plays. You know the one before your show starts to stream?

Watch above!

The fact McHale has landed at Netflix with a commentary series just thrills me to no end. He was so good as the host of E!’s Talk Soup, so his snark will be fantastic.

As for Community, I miss it. It ran for six seasons and had a short revival on Yahoo Screen. In an interview with Variety, McHale quipped, “According to the former Yahoo Screen executives, we apparently single-handedly brought down their streaming service, so I have to thank Netflix for allowing me another chance back on a streaming service.”

Check out The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale currently streaming on Netflix.

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