Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: “All Signs Point To Josh…Or Is It Josh’s Friend?”


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: “All Signs Point To Josh…Or Is It Josh’s Friend?”

This is a spoiler-filled review of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 3 titled “All Signs Point To Josh…Or Is It Josh’s Friend?”

The episode opens with Rebecca dreaming of being in a polygamous relationship with Greg and Josh. They cuddle, make out, and even eat pizza in bed. This dream quickly turns into a musical number titled “the Math of a Love Triangle” which basically breaks down the idea of being in a love triangle and how it makes very little sense plus doesn’t result in true happiness. When Rebecca wakes up from this intriguing dream, she begins to search for signs as to who she should ultimately be with.

Rebecca turns to her therapist, Dr. Akopian to talk about her relationship struggles. Dr. Akopian advises Rebecca that she should be single for a while until she gets her life together. In true Rebecca fashion, she ignores Akopian’s advice and tries to ask Paula for advice instead. While all this is happening, Greg comes home to find his father in the final stages of selling the house. Shocked and upset by this news, Greg’s dad states that he will give Greg half of the money so that he can go to his dream school in Atlanta.

Back at the office, Paula respectfully declines to give Rebecca advice and reminds her of their contract agreement. Feeling defeated Rebecca tries to place her focus elsewhere as she suddenly becomes ill and throws up after eating an egg salad sandwich. Still desperate for a sign, Rebecca believes that her throwing up is a sign that she is pregnant with Josh’s baby. While Paula questions Rebecca’s rushed pregnancy claim, she begins to think about her period and why it’s late. Paula encourages Rebecca to get a pregnancy test, but sure enough, she refuses.


Going back to Greg, he is still completely shocked by news of his father selling the house. Greg turns Guardrail his AA mentor for advice. Just like Paula with Rebecca, Guardrail refuses to tell Greg what he should do with his life. The personal struggle for Greg is that he can’t decide on whether he should get an apartment nearby or move to Atlanta to pursue his education at his dream school.

As Greg continues to ponder what to do, Rebecca calls Josh and tells him to come over right away. Josh rushes into the house completely panicked and questions what is so important. Rebecca excitedly bursts out that she’s pregnant with his baby. Shocked by the news, Josh stands there in complete silence while Rebecca uses the bathroom. Blinded by her ego, Rebecca comes out of the bathroom screaming “false alarm.” Rebecca begins to sing “period sex,” but Josh quickly interrupts her and says “it’s over.” Rebecca, shocked by Josh’s reaction begins to fight back saying they are just fighting. However, Josh refuses  to see it that way and walks out the door saying that he doesn’t want to see her anymore.

With no one else to turn to, Rebecca runs to Paula who is dealing with her own pregnancy scare. As we learned from the past two episodes, Paula desperately wants to go back to school to become a lawyer. The idea of Paula being pregnant will throw a huge wrench into her future. She cannot afford to go to school while raising another child. As Paula leans on Rebecca for comfort, Rebecca tries to put her issues aside but admits that she needs to go on a walk to clear her head.

While on her walk, Rebecca runs into Greg at the pond. Rebecca begs Greg for another chance yet Greg seems hesitant. Greg tells Rebecca that he does love her and shares the real reason why he got the DUI with her. Greg was driving drunk to Rebecca to tell her that he loved her. After sharing this story, Greg kisses Rebecca but still doesn’t agree with them being together. This is when Rebecca proposes that they meet back at the same spot later in the evening to start over.


After his surprise encounter with Rebecca, Greg returns to his Dad’s house and begins to box up his belongings. Greg’s dad walks into the room and asks him if he has decided what he is going to do. Still undecided, Greg begins to express that he is leaning towards staying in West Covina with the hopes of making it work with Rebecca. Greg’s dad, however, doesn’t agree with his decision. He proceeds to say that Rebecca is bad news and that if he chooses to stay with her that it is a bad decision.

While all this is going on, Paula has begun to freak out about the possibility of being pregnant. Paula has purchased a pregnancy test but is afraid to use it out of pure fear of the result. It is at this exact moment when Darryl bursts into the room with what he hopes to be great news. Darryl informs Paula that he pulled a few strings and got her an early acceptance into law school. While Paula wants to be so excited about the news, she begins to cry knowing that she may not be able to fulfill her dream if she is pregnant.

Flashing back to Rebecca, she is anxiously waiting by the pond for Greg to arrive. Greg does show up but while looking at Rebecca from across the pond notices a danger sign near her and walks away. Rebecca remains at the pond for several hours hoping for Greg to show but alas that never happens. Rebecca returns home where she drinks an entire bottle of wine and passes out. She wakes up the next morning only to open Snap Chat to learn that Greg is heading to the airport to leave for Atlanta.

At the airport, Greg says his goodbyes to Josh, White Josh, and Hector. Everyone is sad that Greg is leaving especially Josh, who blames himself for Greg wanting to move. As Greg begins to walk towards the security checkpoint, Rebecca arrives at the airport, just in the knick of time. However, the episode doesn’t show what happens between them but instead switches focus to Paula and Scott at home waiting on the result of the pregnancy test. It is revealed that Paula is in fact pregnant, right before the episode credits begin to roll.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

While this episode only had one musical number, it was one of the most thought-provoking and emotional episodes to date. We got a ton of character development and the overall tone throughout this episode is very dark. Greg is faced with real personal struggles and ones that could possibly push him to drink again. Rebecca still hasn’t addressed any of her own personal issues and now has a real struggle on her hands with Greg possibly leaving and Josh stating that he wants nothing to do with her.

Oddly enough, it is Paula so far this season that I am connecting with the most. I feel for her as a mother with the great desire to make something more of her life. I was so upset and saddened to learn that she is actually pregnant at the end of this episode. I think her story is so relevant to a lot of mothers. There is always this belief that mothers notoriously put their own personal dreams and goals to the side when they commit to having a family. I love that this show is tackling this subject and presenting it in such a realistic light.

I am also starting to wonder if Rebecca is suffering from bipolar disorder. It seems like her moods this season are all over the place than in the previous season. Last season, it felt like she was just determined and didn’t care what she had to do in order to get the guy but this season it seems like she can’t make up her mind. Her moods also seem to go from being incredibly upbeat to depressed at a drop of a hat. She seems so desperate for attention and can’t truly commit. I hope I am right and this topic begins to be explored.

All in all, “All Signs Point To Josh…Or Is It Josh’s Friend?” was another great episode and one that ended with several cliffhangers. When this season began, I was so scared that it was going to be more of the same but Rachel Bloom and her writing team have really impressed me with the directions in which these characters are headed. There is still a lot of comedy but there is definitely a lot more personal struggle and developments this season. I can’t help but wonder where the season is headed and what will happen.

My only concern is with Greg, I hope that he remains an active part of the series. I think his departure would be a great loss to the shows dynamic and speaking with fans of the series, he does seem to be a fan favorite. While Game of Thrones might be able to kill off their lead characters, a small cast like this one, I don’t think can survive the loss of one of the shows most likable and interesting characters.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comment box below.

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