CW Deal with Netflix: Full Series to Stream 8 Days After Finale

CW Deal with Netflix: Full Series to Stream 8 Days After Finale

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The CW and Netflix have come to an agreement on a new multi-year contract. In this contract, Netflix has secured the exclusive right to stream the prior seasons of the CW shows, but also stream the newest seasons only a short eight days after the shows’ finales has aired.

The agreement includes the current show line up such as iZombie, The Vampire Diaries and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend but also the newest shows coming to the CW in the fall. Netflix will also have rights to Riverdale, Frequency, No Tomorrow, and the recently acquired Supergirl.

This also marks the end of an era where the CW shows’ newest episodes can be seen on Hulu only a few hours after they air. The CW’s current seasons’ episodes will only be available through the CW website for viewing, This has a significant impact on those who don’t have television and rely solely on their subscriptions to Hulu to catch the newest episodes. I think we can safely predict a significant drop in subscriptions to Hulu in the next year.

This may open the door for other networks to do the same and create their own streaming service or website. I’m hoping that the CWTV website is prepared and can handle the influx of viewers it is sure to receive once their episodes no longer stream on Hulu.

Well, it looks like Arrow, iZombie, Supergirl, Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans and more will be heading to to find out what will happen to their favorite tv characters come 2016-2017 premiere television season.

What do you guys think of these changes and the deal? Do you think it hurt Hulu? Will you be dropping your Hulu subscription? Comment below! 

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