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Doctor Who “Extremis” Review

Doctor Who “Extremis” Review

In this episode, we find the Doctor, Bill and Nardole sucked into a problem with which the Pope himself needs the Doctor’s help. It has to do with a book called Veritas and everyone who reads it ends up killing themselves. In tandem with this story, we are getting a flashback story of the Doctor, and we finally get to see Missy and find out what is going on there. I don’t want to get into much more of the plot of this episode because it would ruin too many things to come. Spoilers, Sweetie.


The episode itself I found to be rather disappointing and not as impactful as the previous episodes this season. I feel like the double storylines didn’t work. Each story didn’t get enough attention for the audience to connect and feel invested in the story. The part with Missy had the draw of it being about Missy but also drew skepticism¬†from the audience because it was set in the past. As for the “current” story with Bill, the Doctor, and Nardole, it just seemed very jumbled and incoherent in parts. The story didn’t have the draw that the previous episodes had for this season. I think they were spending this episode more focused on setting it up for the next episode that the storytelling and writing became a bit lazier and less clear.

Peter Capaldi’s performance in this episode also seemed very off. I think that the entire show suffered from the writing. While the design of the monsters in this episode was pretty good, there weren’t many other redeeming qualities. This episode did little to advance the storylines beyond what we had already assumed about the vault and the contents. The episode, in general, was a real let down for me and one of the worst of the new Doctor Who episodes. I hope that they pick up the excitement and the joy for the next few episodes. This episode is by far the weakest in a long time.

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