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Doctor Who “Knock Knock” Review

Doctor Who “Knock Knock” Review

Doctor Who “Knock Knock:”Bill moves and gets new housemates and they search for a new place together when they are approached by an older gentleman asking if they needed a place to rent. Bill is apprehensive, but they sign the lease anyway. At night the house is much creepier. The first housemate, Pavel moves in and experiences some scary moments with noises in the house and lightning when we hear him begging and noises in the background. I love the creepy episode of Doctor Who because the suspense is done so well. It always makes me quite nervous in the best way!

In a funny turn of events, the Doctor helps Bill move into her new place. Bill asks more and more about the Doctor and brings up his regeneration and appears very uncomfortable. The Doctor is drawn to the house, and Bill tries to get him to leave and he is hesitant. Bill begins to feel uncomfortable in the house as she is unpacking.

The group is taking about their being freaked out in the house when they hear noises in the kitchen. Bill volunteers to go and they follow her in and see it is the Doctor. The landlord shows up unannounced, and Bill is hesitant but asks if he has a cat. When asked about the tower, the landlord gets very curt. The Doctor refuses to leave because he has an inkling something is going on.

When Paul goes to bed Bill, and her friend hears him being attacked and think he is joking. They knock on the door, and the whole house starts knocking. Meanwhile, the Doctor is investigating the door and sees the house is starting to seal itself off. The one girl runs and jumps out the window. Bill and her friend explore Pavel’s room and see that the wall has eaten him. The creepy landlord came back and told Bill and her friend that he is the exception and he can’t be taken and its time for them to pay.

Bill and her friend try to find a way into the tower and find a way through a bookcase. Once in the tower, they find a bedroom with a jewelry box and a woman’s voice behind the curtain. She says her name is Eliza as she moves around the curtain, they see she is entirely made of wood.

The Doctor is still trying to figure out what is going on with the house and finds it is a bug-like alien. They start swarming the room, and they need to find a way to escape and find the elevator. They find proof that the landlord has been doing this every 20 years for years. The landlord has confronted them, and he tells them all the people are in the house. Mobile Casinos: The landlord says that his daughter was dying and the creatures saved her which is why he would do this.

The Doctor convinces the landlord to let him try to help. He does his usual magic in an attempt to help Eliza. This time, his logic needs a little help from Bill to put the pieces together correctly.

Back at the vault, Nardole is messing around and being a little odd, and the Doctor gets a little more forceful with him. From the vault comes some piano music and Nardole seems upset by it. The Doctor offers whoever is inside food and new stories. The prisoner seems excited by the idea that children were getting eaten.

Bill is slowly learning more about the Doctor as he mentions the Time Lords and the regeneration. At least she will know he regenerates, unlike Amy and Rory. This episode does a bit to advance the knowledge we have about who or what is in the vault. We now know it has a sinister sense of amusement and needs to eat. We also know that the Doctor somewhat pities him/her/it and explains they are in the same situation. We also become a little weary of Nardole and his actions around the vault. Could it turn out that Nardole can go bad? I still hope that they are a little more creative that it being The Master in the vault. That would be a bit too tidy for me, but we shall see the direction they take next on Doctor Who.

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