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Doctor Who “Thin Ice” Review


Doctor Who “Thin Ice” Review

The Doctor and Bill land in a place much different time than intended when heading home. They are in London, but at a time much earlier. Bill brings up that they are in a place where slavery is still a thing. As they are exploring, there, of course, seems to be something amiss, especially when Bill spots a green laser under the ice. Bill ventures off to follow them and the Doctor admits that he sees the lights too. While researching, they are conned by two children and they steal the Doctor’s sonic. They chase the children when one of them is swallowed by the ice. Bill is shocked and disappointed that the Doctor did nothing to save the little boy.

Bill questions the Doctor and how much he cares and brings up how many people he’s watched die. This scene is really emotional and difficult for the Doctor and Bill. Bill is discovering more and more about the Doctor. He tells her that you need to move on in order to be able to save more people from the same fate.

They find the little girl has followed them and they bring the Doctor and Bill back to their home. The Doctor gives them food and reads a book to the children. When the Doctor discovers that the children are paid to promote the fair on the ice, they know that need to find someone. The Doctor decides that they need to be eaten to find out what is happening. They lure the lights to them and Bill and he are dragged down below the ice. They come in contact with the monster down beneath and they realize that the monster is trapped.

Back trying to find out who is keeping the monster, they find Lord Sutcliffe is the man they need. In search of him, they come across a mill where they are harvesting things out of the ground. It supposedly burns hotter and longer than coal and even underwater.  When meeting Lord Sutcliffe, the Doctor defends Bill’s honor but punching him in the face.

Tied up and in custody of Lord Sutcliffe, the Doctor and Bill are carted off back to the Thames to a tent with explosives. They escape but need to face some really tough decisions that will have big impacts for society and for the human race.

Upon returning home to the university, Nardole is there to welcome them and is very upset with the Doctor for leaving. Nardole heads to the vault when there is a stirring inside the vault. Three knocks repeatedly come from inside the vault.

This episode was fantastic from the costume design to the writing in the episode. A favorite line has to be: “Human progress isn’t measured by industry. It’s measured by the value you place on a life. An unimportant life. A life without privilege. That boy who died on the river, that boy’s value is *your* value.”

We know that knocks have been significant in the past of Doctor Who with the Time Lords and the end of the 10th Doctor’s time. Sources have hinted that John Simm’s, famous for his role as the Master is set to return this season. While we know that will happen, it seems all too predictable to have him be what is in the vault. We will have to wait to see, but this season of Doctor Who is shaping up to be one of the best in recent years.

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