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Doctor Who “The Pyramid at the End of the World” Review

Doctor Who “The Pyramid at the End of the World” Review

Doctor Who this week starts off with some back and forth between Bill now talking to her date and the previous episode with the Doctor and what he did to warn himself. Their date is interrupted by the Secretary-General of the UN. He is looking for the president, the Doctor. They tell her that the 5,000-year-old pyramid just appeared out of thin air. As the Doctor is playing his guitar, he’s talking about the end your life and the end of the world. It turns out they have put the Tardis on a plane taking the Doctor to the location. As the Doctor approaches the pyramid, you can see the monk creatures are watching him, and the bricks move away to provide an entrance. They plan to take the planet and its people only when they are asked, and they will speak at the end of the earth.

All of the people’s phones have gone to 11:57, which the Doctor believes it is the Doomsday clock. The closer to midnight, the closer we are to global disaster. The Doctor believes somewhere; somehow the end has begun, We head back to a research lab where a scientist is busy mixing something that the monks are interested in. There are watching carefully.

The Doctor picks up a soldier, and we find out that he is looking at the different heads of the militaries to see what could be causing the doomsday clock to begin. The Doctor surprises everyone, especially Nardole, telling them that they should coordinate attacks and immediately after he says this, the Doomsday clock moves closer to midnight. As Bill and the Doctor are talking, a massive beam of light comes from the top of the pyramid into the sky. They are coordinating an attack, and the monks infiltrate the cabin and take the plane. The beam has frozen the plane in place and sets it down gently. The monks have taken all the people who were coordinating the attacks and let them out safely.

Back at the lab, the scientist is laying with his head down when the other scientist tells him to take a nap. Apparently, something has gone awry with whatever they were mixing.

The Doctor and group go inside the pyramid to explore and see what is happening. Bill is concerned its a trap, and the Doctor says they are trying to find out information about their enemy. The monks come to greet them and tells them that the human race is about to end. Life will end by humanity’s hand. The monks show them into a room where they show the simulation machine running. They are trying to figure out how to prevent it. They will save them, but they need to be asked. The Doctor says if they ask for help, it is the last free action they will make. They get to see what the future will be like with not a single living thing.

The Doctor keeps asking why they need consent first and they respond that they need to be loved and appreciated. The Secretary-General gives them consent despite the Doctor trying to stop them. The monks kill him because it is not out of fear that they want their permission. The Doctor tells them to leave, but they argue without their help the world will end. The heads of the military are talking and finally decide to work together and attempt to prevent the end. It made no difference, so now the Doctor has to find who the problem is. They search to try to find who is it. As it gets closer to doomsday, the heads of military start to panic and want to give in to the monks. Bill questions the Doctor on whether they are right. The heads of the military head to the pyramid to negotiate their surrender. The Doctor plans to blind the monks. Doctor and Nardole go to the Tardis, and Bill goes to try to stop the heads of the military at the pyramid.

Back at the lab, something is going wrong with the plants they are watching. Something has gone disastrously wrong, and Douglas dies in a pretty disgusting way as his body melts away to nothing but goo. The lab is heading into lockdown a the woman tries to figure out what has gone wrong. Nardole needs to hack all the CCTV places so that they can blind the monks. They know which lab it is when the monks turn the camera back on. The Doctor lands in the lab and tells Nardole to monitor his health, but as Nardole gets back to the Tardis, he begins to cough and have problems. The Doctor fills in Bill on the issues. They need to shut down the filtration system in 20 minutes, but the Doctor decides it’s time to blow up the lab to contain it. In the pyramid, they decide to give in, but the monks determine that their consent is unpure and turn to Bill to make a decision. The Doctor gives himself two minutes to get out of the lab, and the doomsday clock starts rolling back. The Doctor is stuck in the lab because he can’t see the combination lock. The Doctor calls for Nardole who is passed out in the Tardis. He finally tells Bill that he is blind. It is an emotional moment for Bill and the Doctor. In desperation, Bill heads to the monks to ask for their help. As the Doctor yells for Bill, he gains his sight and gets out of the lab in time. The monks warn the Doctor that it is now their world.

Overall, the episode was intense and engaging. They left a lot of things open-ended and gives us much to be excited for in next week’s episode. The Doctor can see now but now has to get the Earth back from the monks. I think this is where Missy will be back and will be used to help save Earth. Who knows if Nardole is dead or if he is just passed out? He isn’t fully human but human enough as the Doctor said. What will become of Bill since she is the one who gave consent to the monks? There is a lot of great stuff to come with this season of Doctor Who. Check out all our content for Doctor Who here.


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