Exclusive Interview: Kevin Durand on ‘The Strain’


Exclusive Interview: Kevin Durand on The Strain

Season three of The Strain is now underway on FX, but it’s hard to believe we’re only 23 days, or maybe now 24 or 25 since the season premiere, into the Strigoi epidemic. Our heroes are all trying to find different ways to defeat The Master, but maybe Fet is the one who doesn’t care how, as long as The Master goes down.

Kevin Durand plays Fet on the series based on the books by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. You’ve got to recognize Durand from tons of movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 3:10 to Yuma or Smoking Aces, or Lost. He got the chance to star in the horror movie Dark Was the Night which I highly recommend. I got to speak with him after The Strain panel for the Television Critics Association. The Strain airs Sunday nights at ten on FX.

What’s coming up for Fet? 

From the beginning, he once again has his own ideas about how he’s going to forge ahead and try to end this plague. Still very much influenced and mentored by Professor Setrakian but also has his own ideas. Kind of the idea of try to throw as much crap at the wall and see what sticks, and he’s trying.

Does he have any more interaction with real New Yorkers with their own ideas about how this plague can be solved?

Yeah, absolutely. I think everybody’s just fishing to try to find a way to take them down because unfortunately, as you can see, we’re not succeeding. Everyone’s just trying to find the way if there is one way. Maybe there’s a bunch of different ways. As per usual, he’s just taking action, just moving forward with an idea. If that doesn’t work, then move on to the next idea.

Like those guys in the season premiere, do New Yorkers see Fet as a hero?

I don’t know how they would perceive him. Maybe. He’s a guy that before this apocalyptic event occurred would’ve been looked over, passed over. But now all of these skills, he has a specific set of skills that are making him very valuable. So he’s flourishing in all of this. I think the people look to him for protection. I think they see that if they stick around him, they have a better chance of surviving.

You got a chance to play the leading man in the movie Dark Was the Night. Is Fet a leading man also? 

I think so. I think so. I think he’s blossoming into more than I had imagined he would, and I’m so grateful for that.

Are there any more intense stunts and action for you?

It’s a very, very action intensive season. I was doing a lot of really fun, challenging stuff that I’m glad I survived.

Are you in the middle of book two or entering book three at this point in The Strain?

That’s a very good question because, in the second season, they pulled elements from the third book into the series. So it’s very hard to try to come up with a play by play of what parts of the book fit into what season. I think a huge percentage of the third season is new information which is exciting.

Not from the books at all?

A lot of it. Carlton even said the second season was about 70% new, new ideas, new flesh and muscle added onto the bone.

Does that include Fet’s romantic encounters, like the lovely scene with Kate the SEAL in the hotel?

[Laughs] I think the purpose of that was just to show that he’s kind of withdrawn. I think ultimately, he kind of views this whole experience with Dutch as being a distraction taking him away from the cause. Time is of the essence. There’s no time for this right now but of course, he has manly needs and desires that he’ll satisfy and hopefully just move on from and just continue the fight.

So no love interest for Fet?

I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. There’s definitely a very interesting connection with the captain in the second season that you may see more of. I think ultimately, he still feels a little love scorn. You see more of that as well.

I became a little obsessed with A Winter’s Tale. I couldn’t believe how wonderfully weird it was. Was it a weird experience to make that crazy film?

You know, it kind of came out of left field. I was lucky that Akiva wanted me to be a part of that. It was a fairly straightforward character for me, so it probably wasn’t as weird as you probably want me to be able to come up with some story about how strange it was. It was just a great experience. I think that’s what we ended up talking about. I get to help you tell your first story as a director. That’s really cool.

You didn’t turn into an ice sculpture of a constellation in the sky.

No, no. It was a fun part to come in and play with some really amazing people.

Did you shoot any movies between seasons of The Strain?

I just shot a film called The Colonel in Ft. Worth, TX which I really enjoyed. Then I’m heading off to do a film called Tragedy Girls in Kentucky. Then I was supposed to go off and do a couple more projects that I just ended up dropping out of because I have an 11-month-old daughter. If we’re lucky enough to have a fourth season, I’ve got a couple of months left where I would like just to hang out with her and my wife obviously, just enjoy the fruits of that. She’s an amazing little girl.

Did The Strain overlap with Vikings at all?

The first couple of seasons of The Strain it was just absolutely perfect. We would end on The Strain, and then Vikings would start. It didn’t line up so well this year so unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be showing up for this season.

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  1. i love Fet and the Strain

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