The Flash / Arrow Crossover “Legends of Today” & “Legends of Yesterday” Review

Flash Arrow Crossover

The Flash / Arrow Crossover: Legends of Today and Legends of Yesterday Episodes Review: The Titans of TV Team Up Again!

This week, Team Flash and Team Arrow cross paths to defeat DC villain legend Vandal Savage, a story so big it takes up two episodes!

Vandal Savage is a name that DC fans probably recognize. He’s an immortal super villain who is hell-bent on finding a staff within the past of a new character Hawkman that would allow him to take over the world-something that no one can let happen, not the Flash, not the Green Arrow- not even previous villain Malcolm Merlyn from the League of Shadows. All the stops are pulled out for this show and the result is very fun and very intriguing, even more so that last year’s crossover.

In The Flash episode Legends of Today, Barry decides it’s time to call up Team Arrow’s help in the result of Savage, a mythical man that doesn’t appear to be a product of anything scientific like they are used to and Cisco and Barry go to Star City. With that decision, we get more of the great team-up things we like, such as the stern, older Oliver Queen against the happier, young Barry Allen, and Cisco and Felicity teaming up in the Arrow cave. These little moments work very well and are fun for fans of either show.

However, the B story arc for this crossover has to do with a recently new Flash character named Kendra, destined to become Hawkgirl- or, at least, as said by brand new character Hawkman. The Hawkgirl subplot is another set-up for Legends of Tomorrow and is an interesting character; being one of myth rather than a meta-human like we are used to in these shows. Whether Kendra is Hawkgirl or not, her background is within mythology, things that neither Team Flash nor Team Arrow have any experience with. That being the problem here, it’s a good conflict for our heroes to go through and figure out.

Flash Arrow Crossover

In the Arrow episode Legends of Yesterday, Team Flash comes to Central City, ironic how each show goes to the other’s location. Actually, both teams hide out in an unloactable farmhouse (sound familiar? They know.) near Central City in order to plan how to take down Savage, as well as unleash Kendra’s Hawkgirl powers. Seeing Kendra become Hawkgirl is interesting and inspiring, reminding us why watching Oliver become the Arrow and Barry become the Flash was great and what drew us to this shows.

But the side story for the Arrow solo episode is Oliver Queen finds out that he has a 9-year-old son-one that the mother forbids him to tell anyone about. It’s a great emotional arc for him, as Oliver deals with how much he has grown up throughout this series and dealt with the consequences of keeping secrets. Having a story that deals with both at the same time is perfect for Oliver and makes him more relatable. I like how we can be reminded how far Oliver has come through little moments and great ideas. It will be interesting to see where this story goes in future Arrow episodes.

The final showdown between Team Flash/Arrow (Flarrow?) is exciting and smart, giving everyone something to do and a climax worthy of this two episode story. I am a big fan of these crossovers and this one was no exception, showing us why heroes can be fun, creative, dramatic, and yes, relatable. Everything about this crossover worked well and seeing both series handle this many characters but still provide us with a solid story and introduce new ones is well-crafted and neat. The Flash and Arrow prove that seeing superheroes do their thing can sometimes be the best thing to watch on television.

Grade: A-

Fun Notes (SPOILERS):

-Jay Garrick saving Harrison Wells provides complications which I like. I wonder how that relationship is going to change.
-Oliver’s son is going to be a great sub-plot. I wonder how this is going to affect the show and the other characters.
-Vandal Savage was a good villain. Having known him from the Bruce Timm Justice League show, I hope he comes back because I know what he is capable of.

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