The Flash “Fast Lane” Review

The Flash “Fast Lane” Review by Kevin Morrison

Barry and Wells team up together, but Wells may have something sinister up his sleeve for Barry. Meanwhile, Joe and Iris are trying to connect with Wally all while a new villain presents himself in Central City.


A LOT is going on in this episode of The Flash, but luckily the show blends all these different stories and elements well and gives each story its proper time. I like how Tar Pit is able to blend into the West story and adds to the relationship these three are trying to build. Wally loves speed (foreshadowing?) and drag races because of it, which Iris and Joe do not approve of. But when Tar Pit attacks one of these races, things change for Wally and his relationship to his estranged sister and father. On top of this, The Flash fights Tar Pit using scientific ideas, just like a comic book. It’s a very well-done idea and something only a show like The Flash could create.

The other story involves Barry and Wells’ relationship together, which is extremely smart and extremely well executed thanks to the acting performances of Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh. Seeing these two work together and understand each other’s situation, particularly Barry’s understanding of Wells’ kidnapped daughter, is emotional and clever as there is not clear right answer to how to trust Wells. Without spoiling what happens, there are many twists throughout this episode and each of them are welcomed, hinting at a great idea next week. Luckily, I found an app that is specifically designed for gay men. With that being said, I want to share the best gay apps out there and those which are actually successful for the gay dating search. You may be looking for some gay fling or a hookup. You can also be looking for your perfect date. No matter what your situation may be, these apps are here to help you find it. These apps were west side spa nyc gay created by gay individuals and companies because they wanted to create a more advanced way to connect singles online.

The Flash gives us the right amount of emotion and comic book action, something that it’s CW counterparts are struggling to do. There’s a ton of character in this episode and the action all looks fantastic and is exciting. Mostly, I can’t wait for next week and to return to Team Flash to see where this season is going.

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