Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 Premiere Review by Ashley Menzel

I absolutely loved the first season of this show. Jessica Huang is by far the funniest character on this show. I was so excited to see the season 2 premiere and it did not disappoint.


Eddie-pump-750As the end of summer vacation inched closer and closer, Eddie was convinced that he needed an awesome story or new clothes to come back to the new school year. His mom tried to get him new clothes, which ended up being hilarious shirts of LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow, instead of the rappers that Eddie loves so much.

Louis is packing for a business trip, when Jessica sees that he has packed many things that a businessman shouldn’t be packing such as a bathing suit and tennis balls. She finally corners him into bringing the family on the business trip, where it is affirmed that he is there to have fun. Eddie’s excitement for this trip comes from the fact that Gatorland is only across the street from the hotel where he can ride this crazy ride and that would be his redemption in the new school year.

Jessica takes the boys to Gatorland where when they get to the gates, she refuses the pay the price, but the grandmother gets in for free. Jessica’s thrifty solution? Ride the shuttle through the parking lot. After that the boys and Jessica return to the hotel where Jessica finds Louis eating a steak with a group of men from the hotel.


She is furious and they have an argument, which ends in her needing to relax. While she does, Eddie gets to go to Gatorland and stands in line for the crazy ride. Meanwhile, Louis teaches Evan and Emery to use room service while Jessica goes to the spa for a massage.

Once they are ready to check out, Louis begins freaking out over the bill and how much it costs. Jessica then handles the situation by ripping Evan’s baby tooth out of his mouth and blaming the hotel. They then remove all the hidden fees. It is a heartfelt moment when Louis tells Jessica that he can be himself because he has her. Once they are loaded in the car, they realize they are missing Eddie. Then we flash to where Eddie gets to the front of the line for the ride where he sees a kid taken out on a stretcher and says “oh hell no,” and walks away from the ride.

Once back at school, Eddie tries to come up with a big story about what he did and none of the kids believe him. Until Nicole walks by when he says he did nothing and says that was cool. Then all the kids went along with him and said that sitting around all summer was cool.

The show is really funny and Jessica Huang has some great one-liners that are just hysterical. The show is funny, wholesome and reminds you of the greatness that was the 1990s.

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