Get an exclusive look at A&E’s new docu-series ‘The Killing Season’


We Live Entertainment has teamed up with A&E to bring you an exclusive first look at their new original docu-series, The Killing Season.

This new gritty series comes from the minds of filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills as they dive into the unsolved Long Island serial killer case as well as several other bizarre cases. The filmmaking duo will be joined by various amateur cyber-sleuths to help investigate the cases. The Killing Season is a brand new eight-episode series that will begin airing on the A&E Network starting Saturday, November 12, 2016. The show will kick off its first season with back-to-back episodes starting at 9 PM EST.

You can check out an exclusive clip for the premiere by watching the video below:

Below is some additional information about this new series as well as social media trailer for the show. Be sure to check it out and share this post with others to let them know about this new and interesting show.

A&E Network’s gritty new docu-series “The Killing Season” from Executive Producer Alex Gibney follows documentarians, Joshua Zeman (Cropsey) and Rachel Mills as they investigate one of the most bizarre unsolved serial killer cases of our time — ten dead sex workers discovered on Gilgo Beach, Long Island.  Authorities believe these killings are the work of the Long Island Serial Killer, who after five years remains at large. Forging relationships with cyber-sleuths, journalists, and victim’s families, Zeman and Mills uncover connections that suggest Long Island is just the beginning. The Killing Season premieres with back-to-back episodes Saturday, November 12th at 9 PM ET.  

The Killing Season takes viewers on a chilling ride through the unknown and is a perfect example of impactful storytelling that drives the cultural conversation,” says Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP, and Head of Programming, A&E. 


Working with amateur cyber-sleuths, Zeman and Mills uncover a web of eerie connections to unsolved murders from Atlantic City to Daytona Beach and beyond — revealing that serial killers are targeting sex workers in record numbers while using the Internet as their virtual hunting ground. Many of the victims, often referred to as the “Missing Missing,” are never accounted for, and their murders are far less likely to be solved.

This gripping eight-episode series is a deep-dive into a world of serial murder rarely seen before, going beyond pop-culture stereotypes to expose a real-life American nightmare. However, with the help of and data journalists, Zeman and Mills learn that everyday citizens can make a difference — by uncovering clues that police cannot, in hopes that one day, “The Killing Season” will end. 

The Killing Season is produced for A&E Network by Jigsaw Productions and Gigantic Pictures. The series is directed by Joshua Zeman. Executive producers for Jigsaw Productions are Alex Gibney, Joshua Zeman, Rachel Mills, Stacey Offman, and Dave Snyder, and Co-Executive Producers are Brad Hebert, Richard Perello, and Showrunner Ben Parry. Executive producers for A&E are Shelly Tatro and Brad Abramson. 

Stay up to date about all Killing Season information by visiting A&E’s official site.

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