The Good Place “Chapter 5: Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis” Review

The Good Place

The Good Place “Chapter 5: Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis” Review

Eleanor and Chidi are having difficulty getting along in their relationship, despite Eleanor’s progress in becoming a “good person.” Due to the gaping sinkhole, the couples have been confined to their house together, making the tension rise between Chidi and Eleanor. Cap that off with house guests who are brought over away from the sinkhole. In a crazy turn of events, the woman was  a marriage counselor and the man was a person who determined if people were lying or not. What a joy for them!  It is revealed that Chidi has never had a real relationship on Earth. Eleanor then tries to appreciate Chidi and the time that he has given her, recognizing that he’s given up his chance of a real soulmate to help her.

The Good Place

Meanwhile, Tahani is struggling to be better than she was before after seeing the ranking of the residents of the Good Place. We learn about how she was always second fiddle to her sister when she was on Earth. Her parents never appreciated her and she was determined to prove to Michael that she was better than second to last. Michael assures her at the end of the episode that the rankings are from her time on Earth and can’t be changed, but that she was the best of the best on Earth.

Eleanor recognizes the effort Chidi has put into helping her and decides to make one of his dreams of reading in a boat on the lake come true. She sets it up and invites him to the lake where he gets some alone time. Magically the sinkhole had closed up and Michael decides that Eleanor will help him to find the problem.

The Good Place

The Good Place is a great show because it balances humor with real human emotion and dilemma. It keeps the story fresh and exciting to learn more about the characters and their time on Earth. Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper have great chemistry and make the show a joy to watch.

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