The Good Place “Mindy St. Claire / Michael’s Gambit” Review

The Good Place “Mindy St. Claire / Michael’s Gambit” Review


In this week’s episode of The Good Place, we got two different episodes. In Mindy St. Claire, Jianyu, Janet, and Eleanor travel to the medium place and come in contact with the only resident there, Mindy. Talking to Mindy, Eleanor realizes how much of a better person she has become, and they return to The Good Place. In the Good Place, Michael, Chidi, Tahani and Real Eleanor are all trying to convince the judge that Fake Eleanor is a good person.

When Eleanor, Janet, and Jianyu return from the Medium Place, they are faced with a big decision. The judge determines that all of them must decide for two people to go to the Bad Place, to make up for Eleanor and Jason being in the Good Place by mistake. All this quarreling and fighting leaves Eleanor with time to think. In the chaos, Eleanor discovers the real secret; they are in the Bad Place. Michael¬†has been using them to torture each other, and they fell for it. After Michael agrees, he tells them all they are being reset. Before they can be reset, Eleanor puts a note for her to find instructing her to find Chidi. The episode ends with Eleanor clueless as to the past events, reading her note and asking “what’s a Chidi?”

This episode is crazy. I did not expect any of this to happen and I’m still thrown for a loop. I don’t know how I feel about the whole story being reset again, but it does provide an interesting dynamic for the show. The fans will have an entirely different experience in the next season. The performance by Ted Danson in this episode is excellent. He is downright diabolical. I can’t wait to see where they go next! Maybe it is “Good Place or Bad Place; it doesn’t matter. We are all forked.”

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