“The Good Place” Pilot Review: A Quirky Comedy

The Good Place Pilot Review: A Quirky Comedy

The Good Place

The Good Place is a new NBC show set to air in the Fall of 2016. The show stars Kristen Bell as well as Ted Danson. Bell plays a woman named Eleanor who has recently died and is exploring the after life in The Good Place. Her guide throughout her orientation is Michael played by Ted Danson. She encounters many other people in the afterlife and her interactions with one person in particular, Chris (William Jackson Harper) are especially special. Everything is hunky-dory except that there’s been a huge mix up. Eleanor is not supposed to be in The Good Place.

The casting in the show is really great. Kristen Bell is perfectly cast for this role. It is a sarcastic but charming character, never focusing too long on perfections or politeness. Ted Danson is really fun as Michael and has some really funny lines in the show as well. I really enjoyed William Jackson Harper as Chris because he has an innocence to him that is in total contrast to Eleanor. All around, the cast has great chemistry and work really well together. There are some great moments between Eleanor and Chris where Eleanor is trying to curse but can’t because there is no cursing allowed in The Good Place. It is something so small, but the conviction with which Kristen Bell delivers the lines, works so well.

The Good Place

While I really love this show and think it is a really interesting concept, I think that it might not have the mainstream appeal that a big network like NBC would like. The show is quirky and a little oddball comedy, which I love; I just don’t know how that will translate to a lot of other viewers. The show would probably do much better on a network like The CW or something along those lines.

All in all, The Good Place has great humor, casting and enough quirkiness to set it apart from many other shows on television. It is unique and fun, with a great lead actress who adds a lot of personality and pizazz to the show. I am excited to see where else the show goes, and how audience perceives it. The Good Place has great potential and a lot of avenues to take in this afterlife comedy. Be on the lookout for The Good Place in fall of 2016.

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