Grimm “Bad Night” Review

Grimm “Bad Night” Review

grimm bad night

While Nick is still reeling and seething in anger over Renard getting Adalind to leave him and take Kelly, he tries to contact Hank. Hank is busy at Zuri’s house and doesn’t answer the phone.

Meanwhile, Adalind arrives with Kelly at the house where Renard is staying. She makes it very clear that she doesn’t trust Renard when she tells him she could have taken more than one cab. She immediately asks for Diana. Renard tells her that they do not have complete control. Adalind tells him that Nick is going to get him. Renard tells Adalind that Kelly is one of them and that whether she likes it or not, they are a family and she made the right decision.

Like a bat out of hell, he drives to Renard’s place only to find that it is completely empty. You can see the desperation on his face.

At his apartment, Wu is teaching himself to tame the beast that is within him. He angers himself and them calms himself down, feeling like he has control over the beast.

grimm bad night

Diana meets Kelly and she says she wants to hold him. Adalind says this isn’t a good idea. While she is busy talking, Diana uses her magic to float Kelly in the air. Adalind says it is time to take the kids to bed.

Nick heads over to Rosalee and Monroe’s to tell them the news that Adalind is gone. Rosalee told them about the time that Adalind left Kelly for her to babysit and she must’ve been going to see Renard. Rosalee and Monroe calm Nick down and tell him that they have to discuss it. Monroe and Rosalee convince Nick that he can’t go after Renard because he is surrounded by people. They all decide that they must go to HW and tell them what is happening and tell Meisner. Nick tells them that he is definitely being followed by Black Claw. Monroe and Rosalee leave out the back while Nick gets the people to follow him and he kills both of them. Ruthless Nick is back and will do anything to save his family.

grimm bad night

Once at HW, they are greeted by Trubel. She tells them that Black Claw is bringing a lot of people to Portland. Meisner shows them a chart of top Black Claw members and Renard is now near the top. Nick asks Eve about the mental telepathy experience that. Nick tells HW about Kelly and Adalind. Nick begs Meisner to give him information about where Renard is keeping Kelly. Nick tells Eve she has no idea how he feels because Kelly is not her kid. Trubel is determined to help Nick and follows him back to his place to tell him that. Nick tells Trubel that he believes Adalind loves him and that she really had to do what she did.

Adalind and Renard put Diana into bed. When leaving, they grab each other’s hand and realize it is Diana and her powers making them to that. Adalind warns Renard about how dangerous Diana can be and tells him not to underestimate little girls. Adalind thoroughly shuts down Renard and any of his advances with the best sass we’ve seen in a while. Hell yes, Adalind! Renard calls Nick telling him that they need to talk face to face. He suggests meeting at Renard’s office in an hour. Nick wants to hear what Renard has to say so he heads out.

Hank and Zuri are sleeping together when Zuri leaves the bed to get Hank’s phone. She gives it to Tony, who uses Hank’s phone to steal his phone information. Hank startles her when he comes to check if she is okay. When Tony reenters the house, he alerts Hank to his presence, he takes him out and calls the police.

grimm bad night

At the precinct, Renard tells Nick that he would never be with Adalind and he tries to convince Nick to join Black Claw. It is obvious that Renard has been brainwashed by Black Claw. Renard believes that the wesen will come out of the shadows, with or without his help. Nick asks about people who aren’t wesen and what will happen to them, and Renard says it depends on Nick and himself.

The police come for Tony and Hank tells Zuri he doesn’t feel right about what happened. He tells Zuri there will be a protective detail outside. Zuri still pretends she doesn’t know who Tony is and is playing the victim. The police discover the laptop.

Nick returns home and Trubel asks how it went. He tells Trubel that they want Grimms on their side. She tells him she wishes he could help in some way. Nick then decides that he needs to show Trubel the stick that he found in Germany, that way if something ever happens to him, only another Grimm and Hank, Wu, Rosalee and Monroe know where it is being kept.

grimm bad night

Trubel returns to HW and she tells Meisner and Eve that Renard tried to recruit Nick. Eve asks how Nick is handling things and follows Trubel to her room. Eve asks Trubel what she thinks about Adalind and Eve says that she thinks there’s a choice for Nick. Trubel asks Eve what Juliet would think and Eve says she doesn’t go there because it is too dangerous.

Nick finally heads to the precinct and Hank is waiting for him to come and question Tony.  Nick fills in Hank about what has happened with Adalind and Kelly. Tony won’t voge and pretends he isn’t a Wesen. They decide to fake him out. Tony stands strong and doesn’t voge. They hand the laptop to Wu to figure out what is on the laptop. Nick and Hank head to the spice shop to search the books with Monroe and Rosalee. They discover what he is and also that he is the man who attacked Rosalee and Adalind in the spice shop a few weeks ago. They still don’t know how Tony got into the house, but Hank remembered she was out of bed and could have let Tony in the house. They finally realize that Zuri is using Hank for Black Claw. DUH! Finally. Come on guys!

The Renard “family” is watching the election results and Diana asks about the race. Adalind is obviously irritated and snarky. I love it! Diana is giving Rachel dirty looks and obviously doesn’t appreciate her presence. Conrad tries to get Adalind to tell them where Nick lives and she refuses.

Nick heads to Zuri’s house to tell her that they are setting up a safe house for her so that she can be kept safe from Black Claw. He tells her to pack for a week and Nick says he will wait outside in his car until Hank arrives in a half hour. Zuri then uses that opportunity to call Conrad at Black Claw. Hank has snuck into the house. Conrad tells her to follow their orders to leave and go to the safe house. Zuri keeps denying it but finally says she loves him and that Black Claw threatened her family. She attacks Hank and he takes her down easily. Nick and Hank turn Zuri over to HW and Eve and Trubel are left to torture her and get information from her.

grimm bad night

Renard has won the mayoral debate and the group watches from HW as he gives his acceptance speech and Adalind is reluctantly pulled on stage to stand by his side. Once again Diana gives Rachel a dirty looks and it looks like she has something planned for Rachel. Nick watches Adalind forced on stage and flashes back to his memories of Kelly, as silent rage boils under him. Conrad takes a call from someone that indicates they know where Zuri was taken.

This episode was one of those episodes that was used to put everything in place for what promises to be an epic two hour season finale. The story of this episode was great and well put together. Nick demonstrates his love for his family so openly, and yes that is including Adalind now. I think something epic may happen with Eve during the season finale since they keep mentioning her feelings or Juliet’s feelings. Renard is once again playing that character that we don’t know if we should trust. He could be working a different agenda to help Nick and keep non-Wesens safe or he could be looking out for his own interests. There is so much that is to be revealed in the season finale, I cannot wait!

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